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Lowerhouse Farm, Lower Breache Road, Ewhurst

A programme of historic building recording, evaluation, and a watching brief during the reduction of floor levels within the farmhouse, at Lowerhouse Farm by L Capon of AOC. The farmhouse is dated by a render plaque to 1525, but shows many phases of repair and extension. The earliest parts of the farmhouse are fully timber-framed, and reveal the building to have started as a Hall House, the hall lying north of a two-storey, four room block.

The Close, Vicarage Road, Staines

Evaluation by D Hopkinson of AOC, on behalf of Nicholas King Homes, in advance of residential redevelopment revealed a number of features, including a possible cultivation mark containing a sherd of mid to late Bronze Age pottery. Subsequently an area excavation was carried out by R Entwistle of AOC and a watching brief was also maintained on the development. A small assemblage of Mesolithic flints was recovered, as well as some sherds of Neolithic and early Bronze Age pottery.

Merrist Wood, Guildford

Evaluation by A Chadwick of AOC, for Merrist Wood College, in advance of the construction of a golf course revealed no features or finds of archaeological interest, except for remains associated with Cobbett’s Hill Farm. The bulk of the finds from the site of the farm suggest post-medieval occupation, possibly as early as the 16th century in origin. (302)

64-65 High Street, Egham

Evaluation by T Howe of AOC, for Anglerare Ltd, in advance of redevelopment of land to the rear of these properties, revealed little evidence for medieval activity. Sealed below a layer of redeposited brickearth, however, a few features of prehistoric date were found. Two of these contained fragments of Late Bronze Age or Early Iron Age pottery, as well as some burnt flint, another simply burnt flint. Residual flints of Mesolithic or Neolithic date were also recovered from one of these features.

Land at the corner of Pyrcroft Road and Guildford Street, Chertsey

Excavation and a watching brief by D Hopkinson of AOC, for Countryside Properties (Commercial) PLC, of the site of Phase 5 of the Chertsey Revitalisation Scheme, following an evaluation in 1997. The earliest evidence revealed was a series of intercutting Saxo-Norman gullies, apparently demarcating an enclosure extending to the north and west, with an opening in its south east corner. A series of pits and ditches of 14th - mid 16th century date appear to be the next phase of activity. Two major ditches of this date defined plots alongside Guildford Street.


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