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Excavations at Orchard Hill, Carshalton, 1964-5

Excavation by the late Dennis Turner prior to a development close to the parish church in Carshalton recovered worked flint, including an important collection of microliths from the Mesolithic period, and pottery dating from Early Neolithic to the medieval period.

The attached pdf is the full report from which a paper is published in Vol 101 of the Surrey Archaeological Society Collections.

Charlwood Excavation 2018


In March 2018, a trench was opened to investigate a pit and ditch formation found in 2017 to the east of the known site. However, due to the weather and soil conditions it was not possible to undertake much work safely for either the archaeology or the volunteers (who were remarkably determined in spite of the challenging conditions). We now hope to return to deal with unfinished business in the autumn.

Farnham Palaeolithic Project

After the successful Palaeolithic dayschool at Farnham Museum in November 2017 and encouraged by Drs Matt Pope and Beccy Scott, the Prehistoric Group is developing a project to assess and catalogue the Bury Collection archived in Farnham Museum. This project will be led by Chris Taylor. Please contact or to express an interest in joining the team of volunteers.

Charlwood Excavation 2017

A third season of excavation in Charlwood took place in March 2017. In an attempt to define the area of research interest six trenches were opened across the field from west to east. (See illustration of site layout). Five of these trenches revealed some archaeological evidence, confirming the existence of parallel ditches which can be followed for c.40m east to west on what is essentially the brow of the hill, and appear to define a southern boundary.

Charlwood Charcoal Clamp

In 2016 a large magnetic anomaly was investigated during the Charlwood excavations and the linear feature partially revealed was tentatively interpreted as a charcoal burning clamp (Bull 457). Charcoal retrieved from this feature was subsequently sent for radiocarbon dating which has resulted in a date between AD1455-1645.

Some limited local history research into Charlwood during these dates has allowed this feature to be provisionally set in context.

People of the Heath: Excavation of a Bronze Age Barrow Cemetery


The 'People of the Heath' project is now in it's final year and has investigated the Petersfield Barrow Cemetery with many interesting finds. The last season of excavation will be from 27th June to 15th July and this talk will discuss the project so far and the aims of the 2017 dig. The director, George Anelay, will be our speaker.

More details about the project can be found on the website:


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