Surrey History

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Surrey History 18 2019 Production of agricultural lime in an area of south Surrey, North Surrey and the 1918 Spanish Flu, The Pottery at Charles Hill Elstead, Surrey History Centre accessions 2018, PDF of complete volume will be loaded in 2022
Surrey History 17 2018 Early development of Cobham, Surrey in the Great War, Tin Tabernacles of Surrey Part 2 (PDF of references attached, Accessions at Surrey History Centre 2017, PDF of complete volume will be loaded in 2021 PDF icon Tin Tabernacles 2 - additional references
Surrey History 16 2017 Surrey History 16 Croydon's Health in the 1930's, The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle annal for 568, Wibbandun, and control of the Surrey area in the late sixth century, Tin Tabernacles of Surrey, Accessions by Surrey History Centre 2016, Tin Tabernacle references at end of the main PDF PDF icon Surrey History 16.pdf
Surrey History 15 2016 Surrey History 15 The Great Landowners of Victorian Surrey:Continuity & Change, Henley Park Four Years On An Update, : New Light on the Characters of Henley Park, Accessions Received by Surrey History Centre 2015 PDF icon Surrey History 15.pdf
Surrey History 14 2015 Surrey History 14 The Marriage of Art and Industry - the legacy of Sir Henry, Doulton, A Godalming family cookery book of 1796, Ham Court Manor, Chertsey, , and Saint George's Chapel, Windsor, 1482-1867, Accessions Received by Surrey History Centre, 2014 PDF icon Surrey History XIV 2015.pdf
Surrey History 13 2014 Just enough : petty crime at Quarter Sessions, The history of a Surrey smallholding in Normandy, Puerperal Insanity in Brookwood Asylum 1867-1900, Accessions at Surrey History Centre 2013 PDF icon Surrey History XIII 2014
Surrey History 12 2013 Seething Wells Surbiton, The Reeds of Oatlands : a Tudor marriage settlement, Suppression of the Chantry College of St Peter Lingfield, Accessions to Surrey History Centre 2012, Index to volumes VIII to XII PDF icon Surrey History XII 2013
Surrey History 11 2012 Sir Frederick Evelyn's Proposed Gunpowder Mill, at Abinger Hammer, John Norden's Survey of Henley Park 1607, Portrait of Sir John Glynne and his family at Henley Park, The Thorp Scrapbooks relating to Guildford 1738-1897, Accessions to Surrey History Centre 2011 PDF icon Surrey History XI 2012 part 1
Surrey History 10 2011 Henry VIII Oatlands and Nonsuch Palace, The Water Engine House in Betchworth Park Dorking, Recording Kingston's Past in paint : Reginald Brill, Accessions to Surrey History Centre 2010, Ex service welfare in Leatherhead and the Thermega Factory PDF icon Surrey History X 2011
Surrey History 09 2010 The Will and Probate Inventory of William Jubb 1697-1739, papermaker of Ewell, James Clarke Hook RA : Letters from Churt, ‘A cheery hamlet of almshouses’. Brookwood Asylum, an early history, Nonconformity in Early Victorian Dorking, Accessions to Surrey History Centre 2009 PDF icon Surrey History IX 2010