The postcards listed below are scanned from the collection in the Library archives. The library reference number is prefixed with an S. Click on the highlighted text to see the postcard information and images in more detail, and information about the location of the subject. This collection shares the parish list with another project so some parish names do not have any postcards attached.
Parish Year Image Image Reverse Publisher
S19423 Cold Harbour Village Capel 1906 Unknown
S22304 Coldharbour Capel 1906 Unknown
S9081 The Oaks Epsom Carshalton Faulkner
S4048 Carshalton Carshalton French
S5776 Carshalton Entrance to Park Carshalton Frith
S24596 The Ponds and the Church Carshalton Carshalton Judges
S24597 The Old Rectory Carshalton Carshalton Judges
S24598 Carshalton House Carshalton Judges
S22203 Carshalton High Street Carshalton London Borough of Sutton Public Libraries
S24593 Wandle Hills at Butter Hill Bridge Carshalton London Borough of Sutton Public Libraries
S13725 Cutting Llvender at Carshalton Carshalton M & W
S15246 Butter Hill Bridge, Carshalton Carshalton 1906 M & W
S20965 Carshalton Park Gates Carshalton M & W
S4462 Carshalton Church and Bridge Carshalton Nye
S9329 Carshalton Pond Carshalton Nye
S17995 Carshalton Park Gates Carshalton Nye
S13625 Carshalton Lavender Fields Cutting Lavender Carshalton Stock & Wallis
S922 The River Wandle at Hackbridge, Surrey Carshalton 1904 Unknown
S5777 Carshalton Queen Anne Gates Carshalton Unknown
S12750 Carshalton House. The Mansion Carshalton Unknown