The postcards listed below are scanned from the collection in the Library archives. The library reference number is prefixed with an S. Click on the highlighted text to see the postcard information and images in more detail, and information about the location of the subject. This collection shares the parish list with another project so some parish names do not have any postcards attached.
Parish Year Image Image Reverse Publisher
S21417 Ashtead Woods Ashtead 1923 Unknown
S2105 Bagshot Bagshot Frith
S10677 Bagshot. Holly Hedge Penny Hill Park Bagshot Frith
S13514 The Bridge Bagshot Bagshot Perrins
S9500 Museum of the Royal Army Chaplains Department Bagshot Unknown
S16333 Banstead Asylum Banstead 1910 Unknown
S19943 Barnes Parish Church Barnes Unknown
S24594 Beddington Parish Church Beddington Judges
S24595 Carew Manor Beddington Park Beddington Judges
S24591 Thirlbys Dairy Farm Beddington Park Beddington London Borough of Sutton Public Libraries
S8337 Beddington Church Croydon Beddington Price
S18671 Surrey Beddington Old Cottages Beddington Edward Yates
S22866 The Wandle at Beddington near Croydon Beddington 1906 Field
S19467 Parish Church Beddington Beddington 1916 Trotters
S921 The Wandle Beddington Croydon Beddington 1908 Unknown
S1500 Beddington Park Surrey A Snuggery Beddington Unknown
S14866 Path by The Wandle Croydon Beddington Valentine
S3047 Betchworth Nr Reigate Betchworth Salmon
S7894 The Porch Bisley Church Bisley Frith
S2093 Bisley Church Bisley Unknown