Woking Palace, Woking

Second season of a community excavation by SyAS and SCAU, under the direction of R Poulton, of the Scheduled moated site. Two of the principal foci of the excavations were in areas where the 2009 excavations had revealed kitchen refuse dumping and 16th century brick walls. Within the former of these areas, substantial amounts of animal bone and pottery dated to the late 13th or early 14th century were sealed and preserved beneath the floors of a new range of stone buildings, erected around 1300, which seem likely to have been part of the privy lodgings. A number of hearths, belonging to the principal manorial kitchen and in use until around 1500, were identified a short distance away. Detailed examination of the latter of the two areas revealed part of a substantial range of brick buildings, probably of late 15th century date. At one end were the foundations of a large staircase, with a central brick core around which the stairs would have wound. Away from these areas in the south-east of the site, brick foundations belonging to a gallery built by Elizabeth I in 1576 were revealed. (Bulletin 424)