Thorpe Lea Nurseries, Egham

Excavation by G Hayman of SCAU for English Heritage and Hall Aggregates Ltd in advance of mineral extraction, following on from evaluation in 1992. Evidence of extensive occupation activity dating from the Bronze Age to the end of the Roman period was recorded. Features included ditches, pits and postholes, indicating distinct or reused settlement areas - at least one of which could be described as an enclosure. It is possible that the site was more or less continuously occupied throughout the first millennium BC to the end of the 4th century AD. Late Iron Age material was well represented, in contrast with other sites in north-west Surrey, as was material from the transition with the early Roman period. Finds from this period included pre-Flavian pottery types that have not been recovered from the nearby town of Staines. A few finds of struck flint and a sherd from a Mortlake bowl also indicate earlier activity on the site.