Green Lane, Wanborough

Excavation by M G O'Connell for SyAS, SCC, Conoco UK, 130 MC and many other sponsors to rescue the site from damage by vandals using metal detectors, who were found to have destroyed an area of some 300m5. The foundations of a Romano-Celtic temple of the usual double square pattern were discovered, and the building located in 1979 was further examined. They were probably contemporary. The temple post-dated a black layer, provisionally thought to contain material of the mid 1st to mid 2nd centuries, with which were associated a number of items of bronze priestly regalia (figs 1, 2). These included 17 sceptre handles, in two cases associated with remains of the wooden shafts, for which many fragments of bronze binding were recovered, and the remains of four chain head-dresses, three with wheels standing on the central disc. Subsequent court cases produced information indicating that at least four other pieces of sceptres, two curious decorative handle-like bronzes, two or more miniature axes, an EBA axe and parts of one or more RB brooches were taken from the site by unauthorised excavators. The vandals had been attracted to the site by coins, and nearly 500 were found in the excavation, the majority being silver IA Atrebatic types. .1 P C Kent considers the coins to represent a hoard of the period cAD 55; archaeological evidence relating to their deposition appeared to have been totally destroyed. (209, 216)