Frensham Manor, Frensham

Gradiometer survey conducted by J Lucas of Southampton University. A pair of linear features were detected running parallel to the field boundary. These are thought to be relatively recent agricultural features. The outline of a ditch visible on aerial photographs of the area was also detected, as was a faint rectilinear feature, possibly a building. The results were promising, although it was thought that the ferruginous local geology might mean that a resistivity survey would provide clearer results. A topographical survey in the same field carried out by D Graham of SyAS showed that the location of the possible structure occurs on the top of a ridge that forms the highest part of the field. Subsequent excavation of the area failed to find anything of archaeological interest, however, although investigations in a neighbouring field established the presence of a 1st or 2nd century Roman occupation site, with evidence for ditches and a gravel surface being recorded, and a moderate quantity of pottery recovered. (352)

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84, 40