64-65 High Street, Egham

Evaluation by T Howe of AOC, for Anglerare Ltd, in advance of redevelopment of land to the rear of these properties, revealed little evidence for medieval activity. Sealed below a layer of redeposited brickearth, however, a few features of prehistoric date were found. Two of these contained fragments of Late Bronze Age or Early Iron Age pottery, as well as some burnt flint, another simply burnt flint. Residual flints of Mesolithic or Neolithic date were also recovered from one of these features. The redeposited brickearth was itself found to contain a few pieces of flint, apparently of later Bronze Age date. A subsequent watching brief on the redevelopment, by L Capon of AOC, revealed further features of probable prehistoric date: a ditch later redefined as a bank with a fence in the late Iron Age; a double arc of stakeholes apparently forming a circular structure and two small pits, also presumed to be Iron Age.
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EHS 98
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