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North-west of Charlwood

Magnetometry survey by D Calow of SyAS, following the discovery of Roman and Iron Age coins during metal detecting and the subsequent discovery of small sherds of pottery of Late Iron Age and Early Roman date during fieldwalking by D Williams of SCC, suggests the presence of buried archaeological features. (431)

Sutton Park, Woking

Excavation (1978) by Dr D.G. Bird for SyAS and DOE of a supposed pre-Conquest manor site revealed a possible medieval ditch system and part of a later brick building. Finds of all periods from 13th to 19th century were made. (154; report in SyAC 96)

Sutton Park, Woking

Second season of excavation by D G Bird for SCC, SyAS and DOE located part of the foundations of a 16th century brick building, perhaps an outbuilding (? gazebo) of Sutton Place. Further parts of the medieval ditch system were located. In the third season an entrance through the ditches, which perhaps defined a sub-circular enclosure surrounding the medieval manor house, was examined. (Bulletin 162 and Bulletin 172)

Old Vicarage Site, Reigate

Trial excavation (1977) by D.W. Williams for Holmesdale Archaeological Group, Reigate and Banstead Archaeological Co-ordination Committee and SyAS revealed features of 12th century date, and later medieval and more modern features. Further excavation by D.W. Williams and by D.G. Bird for SyAS and DOE revealed a large part of the plan of the medieval and later vicarage. (140 and 151)

Sutton Park

Further excavation by D G Bird for SCC and SyAS concentrated on the medieval building found in 1982. Two walls were located and a sequence of three tile hearths. South of this building were two areas of heavily burnt clay, one overlying a ditch whose top fill contained a great deal of pottery. Part of a second building was also found to the east. (187)

Sutton Park

Seventh season of excavation by D G Bird for SC and SyAS studied further a probable medieval building with a sequence of three hearths, a length of medieval ditch and a later building. (196)

Sutton Park

8th and 9th seasons of excavation by D G Bird for SCC and SyAS. In the 8th, work concentrated on the probably early post-medieval building previously identified. Three sides only could be located, marked by rubble and clay foundations. It overlay a ditch full of medieval pottery. A magnetic date for the earliest hearth associated with the medieval building previously identified was received from A Clark: approximately AD 1270-1310. A few sherds of Neolithic or LBA pottery were found, not in context, (206)

Stoke church, Guildford

Testing of sub-floor levels by D G Bird for SCC and Guildford Group of SyAS in advance of reflooring. No archaeologically significant features were noted except for the possible remains of a wall along the line of the north aisle columns. The lower part of the north wall interior–made of reused material including window mouldings – was recorded by photography.

Bocketts Farm

Initial phases of the Surrey Historic Landscape Project included fieldwalking in this area by S P Dyer and Judie English for SyAS. Finds in 1989 were mostly flintwork with a little pottery.


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