Chris Butler Archaeological Services

Station Works, Woodfield, Ashtead

Historic building recording by S Angell of CBAS of a substantial, 20th century double-winged hut prior to its demolition. The structure had probably been relocated from elsewhere and may have been modified at that time to fit the available space between the adjacent railway line and Woodfield Road. Its original construction probably dates to the First World War and based on similar structures, its size and form suggest that it was built for use as a YMCA hut or for administrative operations within a troop training camp.

Burstow Golf Course, Antlands Lane, Shipley Bridge

Watching brief by D Atkins of CBAS of ground contouring and a temporary haul road during remodelling of the golf course. Machine excavation was carried out to a maximum depth of 300mm with only very occasional patches of the underlying natural deposit exposed. Consequently, the presence of any archaeological features could not be confirmed, although the poor drainage makes the presence of settlement activity unlikely. The few finds recovered were of post-medieval date.

The Old Police Station, Egham

Historic building recording by C Butler of CBAS confirmed that some original 1930s features and fittings have been retained, such as the staircases, some doors and picture rails and skirting boards, although the building has been modernised and redecorated consistent with its use as a Police Station and offices.

White Hart Cottage, Compton

Watching brief by K Butler of CBAS (Chris Butler Archaeological Services). No archaeological features were noted. However, a large quantity of artefacts was recovered including pottery, ceramic building material and clay pipe. The artefacts had a date range of 1550–1900 or later and were approximately contemporary with the house. The artefacts suggested a rubbish pit or midden to the house but no evidence was found for a cut. It is possible the artefacts were redeposited during later levelling.
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