Archaeological Solutions

15 High Street, Stanwell

Soil stripping, mapping and sampling by Z Pozorski of AS adjoining an area of excavation undertaken by PCA in 2002 (SyAC 91, 271) which had revealed evidence of prehistoric, medieval and post-medieval activity. A large, late medieval (15th century) pit, two undated pits, and two or possibly three late 18th/19th century soakways were revealed. The investigation did not reveal continuation of linear features discovered in 2002, possibly because of truncation caused by a recently demolished building.

8-10 Stanstead Road, Caterham

First phase of the evaluation of this site by Z Pozorski of AS revealed a pit and ditch. Although it may be residual, a fragment of Neolithic or Bronze Age struck flint was recovered from the pit. A subsequent monitoring exercise during development did not reveal any further archaeological finds or features. A second phase of evaluation revealed an undated ditch.

95–133 Eastworth Road, Chertsey

Evaluation by I Williamson of AS preceding residential development revealed no archaeological finds or features. However, peat deposits were encountered. Pollen and diatom analysis of samples indicated a changing landscape during the Mesolithic period in the area, beginning with an open ground grass-dominated landscape with areas of standing water, progressing through differing woodland types until the sequence ended at around 7000 BP, with alder carr woodland becoming the dominant vegetation.
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