Reigate & Banstead

North-east sector development, Horley

Evaluation by J Stevenson of ASE prior to the submission of a planning application for residential development. Evidence for Iron Age utilisation of the landscape was revealed, including some limited settlement evidence in the form of a ring gully, although it seemed that the main focus of occupation was likely to be off-site. One area contained an extensive series of pits, postholes and ditches of Late Iron Age to Early Roman and 3rd–4th century dates. A buried former water channel was also recorded, as was evidence for 13th century activity on the site.

Goods Yard, Hooley Lane, Redhill

Historic building assessment and photographic recording by A Jones of Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick & Co Ltd, prior to demolition and redevelopment. The work indicated that the focus for the recording, the main goods shed, was likely to have been a purpose-built structure dating from the late 19th century, and then subsequently altered. The historic information had suggested it had a mid-19th century origin as a passenger station before conversion to a goods shed, but little indication of this former use could be seen.

North-west sector development, Horley

Phase I of a large-scale evaluation by A Ford of OA prior to the submission of a planning application for residential development. A small number of worked flints were recovered, suggestive of low-level early prehistoric activity in the general vicinity. Of more significance was evidence of a Late Iron Age to 1st century Roman settlement, with indications that an intensification of activity might have occurred towards the end of this period.

Croydon Lane, Banstead

Evaluation by E Eastbury of MoLAS prior to redevelopment found that most of the site had suffered severe truncation of any potential deposits during the construction of the existing buildings. A small area was found to contain a deep feature, containing stratified material dating from the Late Neolithic to Roman periods. Owing to the large size of the feature, its extent or exact nature could not be verified. A subsequent watching brief on the area where the feature was presumed to continue provided no further information.

Rosehill, Doods Way, Reigate

Evaluation by P Jones of SCAU prior to a proposed residential development. A number of features were found relating to a previously known Roman tilery, together with numerous examples of roof and floor tiles, dated by association with pottery to the 2nd/3rd centuries. No evidence for kiln structures presumed to exist in the area was noted at this stage.


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