Visit Lullingstone Roman Villa and Eynsford Castle

Saturday, 19 May, 2018 - 10:30 to 16:00

Saturday 19th May 2018 - Lullingstone Roman Villa and Eynsford Castle

Brian Philp, Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit, will lead us around both sites. Brian has spent 10 years digging on the  Lullingstone Roman Villa and 40 years digging in the area.

Lullingstone Villa is set in the attractive settings of the Darent Valley in Kent . Building of the villa commenced about AD100 and its wealthy owners continued extending and enhancing the complex until it reached a of  peak of luxury in the mid-4th century. Visitors can see a wealth of mosaics, a heated bath suite and a 'house-church' amongst other features.

Eynsford Castle is a mile from the villa and is an rare example of an early Norman 'enclosure castle' which was abandonned early in the 14th century.

10:30am               Meet at  Lullingstone Villa 

12:30pm               Pub lunch

14:30pm               Eynsford Castle

Cost:                      £8 to £10 per person depending on numbers.

Brian Philp is not charging for his time but has requested donations to the Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit –the hat will be passed round at the end of the visit. 

Concessions (Over 60) get a reduction of £0.68.

English Heritage Members -  free entry but approx £2.50 contibution, depending on numbers, to cover cost of lunch for our guide.

If you are interested please contact John Felton

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Lullingstone Roman Villa