The Diaries of James Simmons

Alan Crocker & Martin Kane
Date published: 

James Simmons, master paper-maker of Haslemere in Surrey, kept a diary from 1831 until shortly before his death in 1868. It consisted of thirty-eight booklets most of which are made from paper he had produced himself. They present a fascinating account of his family and business affairs. The references to his paper-making activities form only a part of the diaries and it is these extracts, in the main, which are contained in the book. They provide a significant contribution to the understanding of the life of a paper-maker during a difficult period of the 19th century. The new edition of the book is being published in paperback by the Surrey Industrial History Group and has been designed and edited by Jan Spencer. It contains all the text and figures of the first edition plus accounts of more recent research and developments, including additional illustrations. It measures 148 x 210mm, contains 172 pages and has a photograph of James Simmons as a frontispiece, 28 other illustrations and two tables.