Surrey Industrial History Group (SIHG)

SIHG Zoom Meeting: Fireworks, Guns & Superguns

Thursday, 19 October, 2023 - 10:00

A talk about the history of Superguns and Gerald Bull, the designer of the ultimate Supergun for Saddam Hussein and Iraq. I spent some time in the arms industry and  became unwittingly involved in the Supergun project. This eventually led to me giving evidence to the Government enquiry into 'Arms to Iraq', as well as several other enquiries including 'Arms to Iran'. During this interesting period in my career I worked closely with Jonathan Aitkin, the disgraced MP and Minister, and gained unwelcome first-hand knowledge of the intrustive power of the Uk press.  The talk will be given by Bill Mc Naught, Chairman of the 5 Deans U3A.


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