New Items Acquired by the Library in February 2018

                                                  New Items Acquired by the Library
                                                                  February 2018
                                                  (Classification in Bold at the end)


Alan Sorrell: the man who created Roman Britain, by Julia Sorrell and Mark Sorrell, Oxbow, 2018 E1

Drawing lithic artefacts, by Yannick Raczynski-Henk, Sidestone Press, 2017 E6

Working with the past: towards an archaeology of recycling, edited by Dragoş Gheorghiu and Phil Mason, Archaeopress Archaeology, 2017 E7

The place-name Kingston and royal power in middle Anglo-Saxon England: patterns, possibilities and purpose, Jill Bourne, BAR British Series 630, BAR Publishing, 2017 L2

Farming transformed in Anglo-Saxon England: agriculture in the long eighth century, by Mark McKerracher, Windgather Press, 2018 L2


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