Items Acquired by the Library in September 2018

New Items Acquired by the Library

September 2018

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A journey through time: Crossrail in the Lower Thames floodplain, by Graham Spurr et al, Crossrail Archaeology Series 8, Museum of London Archaeology, 2017 F34


Outside Roman London: roadside burials by the Walbrook Stream, by Serena Ranieri and Alison Telfer, Crossrail Archaeology Series 9, Museum of London Archaeology, 2017 F34


The New Churchyard: from Moorfields Marsh to Bethlem Burial Ground, Brokers Row and Liverpool Street, by Robert Hartle, Crossrail Archaeology Series 10, Museum of London Archaeology, 2017 F34


Excavations and building recording at Buckfast Abbey, Devon, 1984-2017, by Stewart Brown, Devon Archaeological Society Occasional Paper 21, Devon Archaeological Society, 2018 F43




Addlestone Historical Society News, number 136, September 2018


Antiquity, volume 92 number 364, August 2018


Around & About Horsley, number 242, autumn 2018


Ashtead Common Newsletter, September 2018


Coulsdon Commons Newsletter, September 2018


Council for British Archaeology Members Update, September 2018


Council for British Archaeology South East Newsletter, issue 50, autumn 2018


Current Archaeology, issue 343, October 2018


Current World Archaeology, issue 91, October/November 2018


Devon Archaeological Society Newsletter, number 131, September 2018


Devon Archaeological Society Proceedings, number 75, 2017


Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society Newsletter, number 100, autumn 2018


Epsom & Ewell History & Archaeology Society Newsletter, 2018 issue 4, September 2018


Historic England Newsletter, September 2018


Holmesdale Natural History Club Bulletin, number 121, September 2018


Kenley Common Newsletter, September 2018


Kingston Museum & Kingston History Centre What’s on, September 2018


Merton Historical Society Bulletin, number 207, September 2018


North East Hampshire Historical & Archaeological Society Field Archaeology Branch e News, No. 16, spring 2017


Rescue eNews, September 2018


Richmond Local History Society Newsletter, number 99, September 2018


Rural History Today, issue 35, August 2018


SANHS e-bulletin, September 2018


Send & Ripley History Society Journal, number 262, September 2018


Ulster Journal of Archaeology, volume 73, 2015-16


Weybridge Society Newsletter, autumn 2018


West Wickham Commons Newsletter, September 2018