Items Acquired by the Library in September 2017

                                        New Items Acquired by the Library
                                                       September 2017
                                        (Classification in Bold at the end)


The making of the British landscape: from the Ice Age to the present, by Nicholas Crane, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 2016 D5

Gatherings: past and present. Proceedings from the 2013 Archaeology of Gatherings International Conference at IT Sligo, Ireland, edited by Fiona Beglane, BAR International Series 2832,  BAR Publishing, 2017 E8

An Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Collingbourne Ducis, Wiltshire, by Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy and Nick Stoodley, Wessex Archaeology Report 37,  Wessex Archaeology, 2016 F42

Regional patterns and the cultural implications of late Bronze Age and Iron Age burial practices in Britain, by Nicole Roth, BAR British Series 627,  BAR Publishing, 2016 I2

Burpham: a gateway to Guildford. How a Surrey village grew from a rural hamlet into a busy suburb, by Moira MacQuaide Hall, Moira MacQuaide Hall, 2017 P31 WOR

Cave and Quarry – issue 7 – for the years 2012 to 2015: the Bulletin of the Wealden Cave & Mine Society, edited by Peter Burgess, Wealden Cave & Mine Society, 2016 S1


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