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September 2015

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Grey Literature


Archaeological Solutions

15 High Street, Stanwell, Staines, Surrey: an archaeological ‘strip, map & record’ investigation, by Zbigniew Pozorski, March 2011 F31 STN


Archaeology South-East

An archaeological watching brief at Anstiebury Camp, Coldharbour, Surrey, by Kathryn Grant, March 2012 F31 COL

Archaeological Impact Assessment Winkworth Arboretum, Surrey, by Richard James, November 2011 F31 GOD

Archaeological watching brief report cable diversion, at Great Lake Farm, Langshott, Horley, Surrey, by Andy Margetts, March 2012 F31 HOR


AOC Archaeology Group

Cranleigh Village Hospital, High street, Cranleigh, Surrey: archaeological desk-based assessment, by Nick Carter, February 2011 F31 CRA

Former Celotex factory site, Hanworth Road, Sunbury, Surrey, Borough of Spelthorne: an archaeological assessment, by Angus Stephenson, December 2001 F31 SUN


Foundations Archaeology

Land at the Coral Bazaar, Queen’s Close, Walton-on-the-Hill, Surrey: archaeological evaluation report, by Roy King, December 2011 F31 WAL.H


Pre-Construct Archaeology Ltd

An archaeological evaluation at Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Surrey, by Tim Carew, June 2001 F31 ASF


Surrey County Archaeological Unit

An archaeological trial trench evaluation ahead of a proposed extension to Send cemetery, Send, Surrey, by Rebecca Lambert, October 2012 F31 SD

An archaeological excavation on the site of Old Police Station & 10-16 London Road, Staines (TQ 0399 7175): assessment report, by Graham Hayman, March 2001 F31 STI

An archaeological watching brief at the proposed development at Mizen’s Farm, Woking, by Simon Hind, September 1999 F31 WOK


Thames Valley Archaeological Services

Land at Wyllie & Mar, High Street, Ripley, Surrey: desk-based heritage assessment for Wyllie & Marr, by Tim Dawson, May 2012 F31 RIP

Camp End Manor, Tor Lane, St George’s Hill, Weybridge, Surrey: an archaeological desk-based assessment for Lees Associates, by Tim Dawson, November 2012 F31 WAL.T


Wessex Archaeology

Tilly’s Lane, Staines, Surrey: archaeological evaluation report, by Jacqueline I. McKinley, May 1997 F31 STI



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