Items Acquired by the Library in October 2019

New Items Acquired by the Library

October 2019

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Lonesome Lodge: a lost Palladian villa. The creation, evolution and decline of a merchant’s country estate in Wotton, Surrey, by Capel History Group, The Cockerel Press, 2019 P31 WOT


A new dictionary of English field-names, by Paul Cavill, English Place-Name Society Field-Name Studies No. 4, English Place-Name Society, 2018 Q1


A guide to the industrial archaeology of Somerset, edited by Peter Daniel, Association for Industrial Archaeology, 2nd edition 2019 R4




Addlestone Historical Society News, number 140, September 2019


Antiquity, volume 93 number 371, October 2019


Archaeologia Aeliana, fifth Series, volume 47, 2018


Ashtead Common Newsletter, October 2019


British Agricultural History Society Newsletter including  the Latest News from LIBERAL – the Online Library of Rural and Agricultural Literature, October 2019


British Archaeology, number 169, November/December 2019


Coulsdon Commons Newsletter, October 2019


Council for British Archaeology Newsletter, issue 47, October to December 2019


Current Archaeology, issue 356, November 2019


Historic England Newsletter, October 2019


Industrial Archaeology e-News Bulletin, October 2019


Kenley Common Newsletter, October 2019


Local History Records: The Journal of the Bourne Society, volume 99, autumn 2019


London Archaeologist, volume 15 number 10, autumn 2019


London Archaeologist, volume 15 supplement 3: London Fieldwork and Publication Round-up 2018, 2019


Open Space, volume 32 number 6, autumn 2019


Open Spaces Society E-zine, autumn 2019


Rescue eNews, September 2019


Richmond History, number 40, 2019


Richmond Local History Society Newsletter, number 102, October 2019


Send & Ripley History Society Journal, number 268, September 2019


SANHS e-bulletin, October 2019


Surrey Archaeological Society Annual Report 2018-2019


Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin, number 476, October 2019


Surrey Archaeological Sustainable Impact e-news, September 2019


Surrey Heritage News, October 2019


Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, number 184, October 2019


Sussex Mills Group Newsletter, number 184, October 2019


Wealden Iron Research Group Newsletter, number 70, autumn 2019


West Wickham Commons Newsletter, October 2019


Worcestershire Recorder, edition 100, autumn 2019