Items Acquired by the Library in October 2018

New Items Acquired by the Library

October 2018

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Principles of archaeology, 2nd edition, by T. Douglas Price and Kelly J. Knudson, Thames & Hudson, 2018 E


Strategies for quantitative research: archaeology by numbers, by Grant S. McCall, Routledge, 2018 E5


Londinium: a biography. Roman London from its origins to the fifth century, by Richard Hingley, Bloomsbury Academic, 2018 F34


London’s waterfront 1100 – 1666: excavations in Thames Street, London, 1974-84, by John Schofield et al, Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018 F34


Winchester’s Anglo-Saxon, Medieval and later suburbs: excavations 1971-86, by Patrick Ottaway and Ken Qualmann, Winchester Museums Service / Historic England Reports, Hampshire Cultural Trust, 2018 F35


The search for Winchester’s Anglo-Saxon Minsters, by Martin Biddle, Winchester Excavations Committee/ Archaeopress Publishing, 2018 F35


Along prehistoric lines: Neolithic, Iron Age and Romano-British activity at the former MOD Headquarters, Durrington, Wiltshire, by Steve Thompson and Andrew B. Powell, Wessex Archaeology Occasional Paper, Wessex Archaeology, 2018 F42


The human past: world prehistory and the development of human societies, 4th edition, edited by Chris Scarre, Thames & Hudson, 2018 G


The times of their lives: hunting history in the archaeology of Neolithic Europe, by Alasdair Whittle, Oxbow Books, 2018 H1


Embracing the Provinces: society and material culture of the Roman frontier regions. Essays in honour of Dr. Carol van Driel-Murray, edited by Tatiana Ivleva et al, Oxbow Books, 2018 K1


The accounts for the Manor of Esher in the Winchester Pipe Rolls, 1235-1376, edited by David Stone, Surrey Record Society volume XLVI, 2017 O2


Grey Literature


Excavations at the Roman settlement in Ewell, Surrey: Church Meadow, Church Street, 1977, by Frank Pemberton, 2018 F31 EW


Excavations at the Roman settlement in Ewell: a reassessment of the Purberry Shot site and neighbouring sites in the south western area, by Frank Pemberton, 2018 F31 EW


Dendrochronological analysis of oak timbers from The Royal Oak, Guildford, Surrey, by Dr Andy Moir, Tree-Ring Services Report: GURO/22/18, Tree Ring Services, 2018 F31 GFD




Ashtead Common Newsletter, October 2018


British Agricultural History Society Newsletter, October 2018


British Archaeology, number 163, November/December 2018


Cambridge Archaeological Journal, volume 28 number 4, November 2018


Coulsdon Commons Newsletter, October 2018


Council for British Archaeology Newsletter, issue 44, October 2018 to January 2019


Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society Proceedings, volume 20 part 2: Surrey Killing Fields: the wartime journal of a Chipstead schoolboy friend of a gamekeeper, edited by Brian Lancaster, 2018


Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society Newsletter, number 89, autumn2018


Current Archaeology, issue 344, November 2018


Dorking History, 2018


Egham-by-Runnymede Historical Society Newsletter, number 542, September 2018


Egham-by-Runnymede Historical Society Newsletter, number 543, October 2018


Historic England Newsletter, October2018


Kenley Common Newsletter, October 2018


Kingston History Centre Newsletter, Autumn 2018


Kingston Museum & Kingston History Centre What’s on, October 2018


The Local Historian, volume 48 number 4, October 2018


Local History News, number 129, autumn 2018


London Archaeologist, volume 15 number 6, autumn 2018


London Archaeologist, volume 15 supplement 2: London Fieldwork and Publication Round-up 2017, 2018


Newdigate Local History Society Magazine, number 101, October 2018


Open Space, volume 32 number 3, autumn 2018


Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, volume CVII, 2018


SANHS e-bulletin, October 2018


SANHS Autumn Newsletter, October 2018


Somerset Archaeology and Natural History, volume 161, 2017


Southwark & Lambeth Archaeological Society Newsletter, number 149, September 2018


Surrey Archaeological Society Annual Report 2017-2018


Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin, number 470, October 2018


Surrey Hills Board E-newsletter, autumn 2018


Surrey Industrial History Group Newsletter, number 220, November 2018


Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, number 180, October 2018


Sussex Mills Group Newsletter, number 180, October 2018


Sussex Past: Sussex Archaeological Society’s member’s e-newsletter, October 2018


Transactions of the Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society, third series, volume 18, 2018


Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society, volume 68, 2017


West Wickham Commons Newsletter, October 2018


World Archaeology, volume 50 number 1, March 2018