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October 2015

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Southern History: a review of the history of southern England. Volume 37, 2015, edited by Andrew Spicer and Michael Hicks, Southern History Society, 2015 MB


The Church of St. Mary and the Burh of Guildford, by Dennis John Turner,Beke Publications, 2015 P31 GFD


A guide to the Saxon and Medieval pottery type series of Surrey with a note on post-medieval stonewares and London post-medieval pottery codes, by Phil Jones,Surrey Archaeological Society Medieval Forum, 2015 S3


Grey Literature

Archaeological Evaluation at 45 Castle Street, Farnham, by David and Audrey Graham,September 2011 F31 FRN


AOC Archaeology Group

Lowerhouse Farm, Ewhurst, Surrey: results of archaeological evaluation, a historic building record and watching brief, by Les Capon, September 2010 F31 EWH


Foundations Archaeology

Land at Walton Bridge, Walton on Thames, Surrey: archaeological evaluation, by Andrew Hood, July 2011 F31 WAL.T


Museum of London Archaeology

West Hall, Parvis Road, West Byfleet, Surrey, KT14: report on archaeological evaluation and standing building survey, by Helen Robertson and Isca Howell, March 2100F31 BY


Surrey County Archaeological Unit

A Preliminary Archaeological Assessment of the proposed extension to St. Nicholas Church, Shepperton, by N. Shaikhley, August 1996 F31 SHP


Sutton Archaeological Services

Archaeological Assessment on Millbrook House, Chertsey Road, Shepperton, Surrey, by J. G. Perry, July 2000 F31 SHP

Archaeological Assessment on 161-165 High Street, Old Woking, Surrey, by J. G. Perry and A. C. Skelton, 1999 F31 WOK



The Antiquaries Journal, volume 95, 2015

Antiquity,volume 89 number 347, October 2015

Ashtead Common Newsletter, issue 43, October 2015

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Coulsdon Commons Newsletter, issue 43, October 2015

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Current Archaeology, issue 308, November 2015

Egham-by-Runnymede Historical Society Newsletter, number 512, September 2015

GLIAS: Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, number 280, October 2015

Historic England Conservation Bulletin, issue 74, summer 2015

Historic England Newsletter, September 2015

Journal of English Place-Name Society, volume 46, 2014

Local History Records: the Journal of the Bourne Society, volume 85, November 2015

London Archaeologist, volume 14 number 6, autumn 2015

London Archaeologist (London fieldwork and publication round-up 2014), Volume 14 supplement 2, 2015

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Surrey Archaeological Society Annual Report2014-2015

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Surrey Hills e-newsletter, October 2015

Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, number 168, October 2015

Sussex Industrial History, number 45, 2015

Sussex Mills Group Newsletter, number 168, October 2015

West Wickham Commons Newsletter, issue 43, October 2015