Items Acquired by the Library in October 2014

New Items
October 2014
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Building Environment, edited by Robyn Pender et al, English Heritage Practical Building Conservation, Ashgate Publishing, 2014 C
Dead Men’s Eyes: embodied GIS, mixed reality and landscape archaeology, by Stuart Eve, BAR British Series 600, Archaeopress, 2014 D5
Who needs experts? Counter-mapping cultural heritage, edited by John Schofield, Heritage, Culture and Identity, Ashgate Publishing, 2014 E
Computational approaches to the study of movement in Archaeology: theory, practice and interpretation of factors and effects of long term landscape formation and transformation, edited by Silvia Polla and Philip Verhagen, Topoi Berlin Studies of the Ancient World volume 23, De Gruyter, 2014 E5
Whetstones from Roman Silchester (Calleva Atrebatum), North Hampshire: character, manufacture, provenance and use ‘Putting an edge on it’, by J. R. L. Allen, BAR British Series 597, Archaeopress, 2014 F35
Solent-Thames Research Framework for the Historic Environment: resource assessments and research agendas, edited by Gill Hey and Jill Hind, Oxford Wessex Monograph No. 6, Oxford Archaeology, 2014 F35
Hertfordshire: a landscape history, by Anne Rowe & Tom Williamson, Hertfordshire Publications, 2013 F6
Perishable Material culture in Prehistory: investigating the missing majority, by Linda M. Hurcombe, Routledge, 2014 G1
Paths to complexity: centralisation and urbanisation in Iron Age Europe, edited by Manuel Fernandez-Gotz et al,  Oxbow Books, 2014 J1
Living with the past: the reuse of Prehistoric monuments in Anglo-Saxon Settlements, by Vicky Crewe, BAR British Series 573, Archaeopress, 2012 L2
Animals in Saxon & Scandinavian England: backbones of economy and society, by Matilda Holmes, Sidestone Press, 2014 L2
Anglo-Saxon England 42, edited by Simon Keynes et al, Cambridge University Press, 2013 L2
Southern History: a review of the history of southern England. Volume 36, 2014, edited by Andrew Spicer and Michael Hicks, Southern History Society, 2014 MB
Charters of Christ Church Canterbury Part 1, edited by N. P. Brooks and S. E. Kelly, Anglo-Saxon Charters 17, Oxford University Press, 2013 O1
Charters of Christ Church Canterbury Part 2, edited by N. P. Brooks and S. E. Kelly, Anglo-Saxon Charters 18, Oxford University Press, 2013 O1
Albury Park, by Helen Northumberland, Albury Park Estate, 5th edition, 1962 P31 ALB
The History of the Parish Church of Saint Thomas of Canterbury East Clandon, by Denis Gadbury, Parish Church of Saint Thomas of Canterbury, n.d. P31 CL.E
The story of Lingfield Parish Church, by A.W. Head and J. A. Head, The Graham Cumming Group, revised edition 1992 P31 LNG
The Parish Church of St Mary Magdalen, Ripley: an illustrated history of the church and parish, St Mary’s Ripley Parochial Church Council, revised edition 1998 P31 RIP
A walk about Ripley Village in Surrey, by Les Bowerman et al, Send & Ripley History Society, 2nd edition, 2005 P31 RIP
Premier Cooler: the origins & history of The Premier Cooler & Engineering Co., Ltd. Of Shalford, Surrey, by Nigel Bond, Surrey Industrial History Group, 2014 S8
William Cobbett, by G. K. Chesterton, New European Publications, 2004 ZA2 COB
The Antiquaries Journal, volume 94, 2014
Berkshire Archaeological Journal, Volume 80, 2011
British Archaeology, number 139, November/December 2014
Carshalton & District History & Archaeology Society Newsletter, autumn 2014
City Commons e-news, issue 31, October 2014
Council for British Archaeology Newsletter, issue 31, early winter 2014
Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society Newsletter, number 45, October 2014
Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society Newsletter, number 46, November 2014
Current Archaeology, issue 296, November 2014
Dial Stone: the news sheet of Walton and Weybridge Local History Society, number 226, October 2014
Egham-by-Runnymede Historical Society Newsletter, number 502, September 2014
GLIAS: Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, number 274, October 2014
Journal of the British Archaeological Association, volume 167, 2014
Journal of the Sunbury and Shepperton Local History Society, number 73, Autumn 2014
Kent Archaeological Review, number 196, autumn 2014
Local History Records: the Journal of the Bourne Society, volume 81, November 2014
London Archaeologist, volume 14 number 2, autumn 2014
London Archaeologist (London fieldwork and publication round-up 2013), Volume 14 supplement 1, 2014
Medieval Pottery Research Group Newsletter, number 79, July 2014
The Museum: Spelthorne Museum Newsletter, volume 14 number 4, autumn 2014
Newdigate Local History Society Magazine, number 91, October 2013
Surrey Archaeological Society Annual Report 2013-2014
Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin, number 447, October 2014
Surrey Hills e-newsletter, October 2014
Surrey Industrial History Group Newsletter, number 121 (201), September 2014
Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, number 164, October 2014
Sussex Mills Group Newsletter, number 164, October 2014
Transactions of the Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club Herefordshire, volume 61, 2013
Woking History Society Newsletter, number 252, summer 2014
Worcestershire Recorder, edition 90, autumn 2014
Yehudi Menuhin School Newsletter, October 2014