Items Acquired by the Library in May 2019

New Items Acquired by the Library

May 2019

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Human remains in archaeology: a handbook, by Charlotte A. Roberts, CBA Practical Handbooks in Archaeology No. 19, Council for British Archaeology, 2nd edition, 2018 D3


The British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme finds identifies: an illustrated guide to metal detecting and archaeological finds, by Kevin Leahy and Michael Lewis, Greenlight Publishing, 2018 F2


The Portable Antiquities Scheme Annual Report 2017, by The British Museum, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, 2018 F2


Chalk Hill: Neolithic and Bronze Age discoveries at Ramsgate, Kent, by Peter Clark et al, Sidestone Press, 2019 F32


The Pioneer Burial: a high status Anglian warrior burial from Wollaston Northamptonshire, by Ian Meadows, Archaeopress Publishing, 2019 F5


The Crosby Garrett helmet, edited by David J. Breeze, Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Extra Series No. 48, Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society, 2018 F7


Performing the Sacra: priestly roles and their organisation in Roman Britain, by Alessandra Esposito, Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 53 Archaeopress Publishing, 2019 K2


Formative Britain: an archaeology of Britain, fifth to eleventh century AD, by Martin Carver, Routledge Archaeology of Northern Europe, Routledge, 2019 MA2


The Middle Ages revisited: studies in the archaeology and history of medieval southern England and presented to Professor David A. Hinton, edited by Ben Jervis, Archaeopress Publishing, 2018 MA3


Our convict son: Harold Brewster 1895 – 1958. A Merton Objector to conscription, by Keith Penny, Studies in Merton History 10, Merton Historical Society, 2018 P31 MRT


Anglo-Saxon towers of lordship, by Michael G. Shapland, Medieval History and Archaeology, Oxford University Press, 2019 X51


Grey Literature


Abbey Lodge, Abbey Gardens, Chertsey, KT16 8RQ: an archaeological evaluation, by Miranda Fulbright, Compass Archaeology, April 2018 F31 CHY


7 Dovecote Close, Weybridge, KT13 8PW: an archaeological evaluation, by James Aaronson, Compass Archaeology, June 2018 F31 WEY




Agricultural History Review, volume 67 part I, 2019


Antiquity, volume 93 number 368, April 2019


Ashtead Common Newsletter, May 2019


British Agricultural History Society Newsletter, May 2019


Cobham Conservation & Heritage Trust Newsletter, issue 54, May 2019


Cornish Archaeology, volume 56, 2017


Coulsdon Commons Newsletter, May 2019


Current Archaeology, issue 351, June 2019


Current World Archaeology, issue 95, June/July 2019


Devon Archaeological Society Newsletter, number 133, May 2019


Essex Archaeology and History, volume 8 (4th series), 2017


Essex Society for Archaeology & History Newsletter, 188, spring 2019


Historic England Newsletter, May 2019


Holmesdale Natural History Club Bulletin, number 123, May 2019


Industrial Archaeology News, number 189, summer 2019


Kenley Common Newsletter, May 2019


Kingston Museum & Kingston History Centre, Countdown to Muybridge Week Festival 2019


Kingston upon Thames Archaeological Society Newsletter, number 149, February 2019


Kingston upon Thames Archaeological Society Newsletter, number 150, May 2019


The Local Historian, volume 49 number 2, April 2019


Local History News, number 131, spring 2019


London and Middlesex Archaeological Society Newsletter, issue 156, May 2019


Records of Buckinghamshire, volume 59, 2019


Richmond Local History Society Newsletter, number 101, May 2019


Send & Ripley History Society Journal, number 266, May 2019


Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society e-bulletin, May 2019


Subterranea: The magazine for Subterranea Britannica, issue 50, April 2019


Surrey Archaeological Sustainable Impact e-news, May 2019


Surrey Industrial History Group Newsletter, number 222, May 2019


Transactions of the Thoroton Society, Volume 122, 2018


Wealden Iron Research Group Newsletter, number 69, spring 2019


West Wickham Commons Newsletter, May 2019


The Wimbledon Society Newsletter, June 2019