Items Acquired by the Library in May 2017

                                        New Items Acquired by the Library
                                                            May 2017
                                        (Classification in Bold at the end)


Snails: archaeology and landscape change, by Paul Davies, Oxbow Books, 2008 D4

Geography of offerings: deposits of valuables in the landscapes of ancient Europe, by Richard Bradley, Oxbow Insights in Archaeology, Oxbow Books, 2017 E

Silchester: changing visions of a Roman town.  Integrating geophysics and archaeology: the results of the Silchester mapping project  2005 -10, by John Creighton with Robert Fry, Britannia Monograph Series number 28, Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, 2016 F35

The tale of the axe: how the Neolithic revolution transformed Britain, by David Miles, Thames and Hudson, 2016 H2

Mining and materiality: Neolithic chalk artefacts and their depositional contexts in southern Britain, by Anne M. Teather, Archaeopress Archaeology, 2016 H2

The ruin of Roman Britain: an archaeological perspective, by James Gerrard, Cambridge University Press, 2013 K2

Early Anglo-Saxon Shields, by Tania Dickinson and Heinrich Härke, Archaeologia volume 110, The Society of Antiquaries of London, 1992 L2

Southern History: a review of the history of southern England. Volume 38, 2016, edited by Carl Griffin and Gordon McKelvie, Southern History Society, 2016 MB

Towns in medieval England: selected sources, translated and annotated by Gervase Rosser, Manchester Medieval Sources Series, Manchester University Press, 2016 MB1

Monastic archaeology: papers on the study of medieval monasteries, edited by Graham Keevill, Mick Aston and Teresa Hall, Oxbow Books, 2001 MB54

Making a mint: comparative studies in late Iron Age coin mould, by Mark Landon, Archaeopress Archaeology, 2016 N5

Eighteenth Century English glass and its antecedents: a documented history of English glassmaking from the late medieval period to the industrial revolution, by Michael Noble, Michael Noble, 2016 S4

Built to brew: the history and heritage of the brewery, by Lynn Pearson, English Heritage, 2014 S8


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