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May 2015

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Bankside: excavations at Benbow House Southwark London SE1, by Anthony MacKinder and Simon Blatherwick, MoLAS Archaeology Studies Series 3, Museum of London Archaeology Service, 2000 F31 SOU

Roman occupation south-east of the forum: excavations at 20 Fenchurch Street, City of London, 2008-9, by Robin Wroe-Brown, MOLA Archaeology Studies Series 31, Museum of London Archaeology, 2014 F34

Urban development in the north-west of Londinium: excavations at 120-122 Cheapside to 14-18 Gresham Street, City of London, 2005-7, by Sadie Watson, MOLA Archaeology Studies Series 32, Museum of London Archaeology, 2015 F34

The Roman villa at Brading, Isle of Wight: the excavations of 2008-10, by Barry Cunliffe, Oxford University School of Archaeology Monograph 77, 2013 F35

Colchester Fortress of the War God: an archaeological assessment, by Adrian Gascoyne and David Radford,Oxbow Books, 2013 F6

Continental connections: exploring cross-Channel relationships from the Mesolithic to the Iron Age edited by Hugo Anderson-Whymark et al, Oxbow Books, 2015 H1

Megalithic Art in Ireland by Muiris O’Sullivan, Town House and Country House, 1993 H8

Ritual in early Bronze Age grave goods: an examination of ritual and dress equipment from Chalcolithic and early Bronze Age graves in England, by Ann Woodward and John Hunter,Oxbow Books, 2015 I2

TRAC 2010: proceedings of the twenty-second annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference which took place at Goethe University in Frankfurt 29 March – 1 April 2012, edited by Annabel Bokern et al,  Oxbow Books,2013 K

TRAC 2012: proceedings of the twentieth annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference which took place at The University of Oxford 25-28 March 2010, edited by Dragana Mladenovic and Ben Russell, Oxbow Books,2011 K

AD 410: the history and archaeology of late and post-Roman Britain, editedby F. K. Haarer,TheSociety for the Promotion of Roman Studies, 2014 K2

Towns in the dark? Urban transformations from late Roman Britain to Anglo-Saxon England, by Gavin Speed,Archaeopress Archaeology, 2014 K2

Anglo-Saxon studies in archaeology and history 19, editedby Helena Hamerow,Oxford University School of Archaeology, 2015 L2

Understanding pottery function, by James M. Skibo, Manuals in Archaeological Method, Theory and Technique, Springer,2014 S3

The medieval potters of Cheam, by Clive Orton, Carshalton and District History and Archaeology Society Occasional Paper No. 5, 2015 S3

Anglo-Saxon farms and farming, by Debby Banham and Rosamond Faith, Medieval History and Archaeology,Oxford University Press,2014 T1

Early structural steel in London buildings: a discreet revolution, by Jonathan Clarke,English Heritage, 2014 X1


Grey Literature

AOC Archaeology

An archaeological desk-based assessment of proposed retail development, 21-43 North Street, Leatherhead, Surrey, by Suzanna Pembroke, June 2006 F31 LEA

Majestic House, High Street, Staines: an archaeological evaluation report, by K Bazley, June 2006 F31 STI

Archaeological Solutions

8-10 Stanstead Road, Caterham on the Hill, Surrey: an archaeological evaluation phase 1, by Zbigniew Pozorski, April 2010 F31 CAT

8-10 Stanstead Road, Caterham on the Hill, Surrey phase 1: archaeological monitoring and recording, by Zbigniew Pozorski, July 2010 F31 CAT

8-10 Stanstead Road, Caterham on the Hill, Surrey: an archaeological evaluation phase 2, by Zbigniew Pozorski, November 2010 F31 CAT

Epsom and Ewell History and Archaeology Society

Excavations at the Roman settlement in Ewell, Surrey: St. Mary’s churchyard 1974-5, by Frank Pemberton, Epsom and Ewell History and Archaeology Society Special Paper 1, 2015F31 EW

Wessex Archaeology

Land off Hale road, Lower Hale, Farnham, Surrey: archaeological evaluation report, by Jon Martin, July 2010 F31 FRN

Land at Cherkley Court Leatherhead, Surrey: geophysical survey report, by Ben Urmston, August 2011 F31 LEA




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