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May 2014
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Architectural ceramics: their history, manufacture and conservation. A Joint Symposium of English Heritage and the United Kingdom Institute for Conservation 22-25 September 1994, edited by Jeanne Marie Teutonico, James & James (Science Publishers), 1996 C
Ritual Failure: archaeological perspectives, edited by Vasiliki G. Koutrafouri and Jeff Sanders, Sidestone Press, 2013 E7
People and the Sea: a maritime archaeological research agenda for England, edited by Jesse Ransley et al, CBA Research Report 171, Council for British Archaeology, 2013 E7
The Rose Theatre: an archaeological discovery, by Julian Bowsher, Museum of London 1998 F31 SOU
The Roman pottery from Southwark, by Paul Tyers and Geoff Marsh, London and Middlesex Archaeological Society and Surrey Archaeological Society, 1979, reprinted from Southwark Excavations 1972-74, Joint Publication no 1 F31 SOU
Medieval haywharf to 20th-century brewery: excavations at Watermark Place, City of London, by Louise Fowler and Anthony Mackinder, MOLA Archaeology Studies Series 30,  Museum of London Archaeology, 2014 F34
The story of Silbury Hill, by Jim Leary and David Field, English Heritage, amended edition 2011 F42
Silbury Hill: the largest prehistoric mound in Europe, edited by Jim Leary, David Field and Gill Campbell, English Heritage, 2013 F42
Prehistoric, Romano-British and Medieval occupation in the Frome Valley, Gloucestershire, edited by Martin Watts, Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Report No. 8, Cotswold Archaeology, 2013 F5
TRAC 2013: proceedings of the twenty third annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference which took place at King’s College London 4-6 April 2013, edited by Hannah Platts et al, Oxbow Books, 2014 K
The stone of Life: the archaeology of querns, mills and flour production in Europe up to C. AD 500, by David Peacock, Southampton Monographs in Archaeology New Series 1 The Highfield Press Southampton, 2013 K1
The Portable Antiquities Scheme and Roman Britain, by Tom Brindle, British Museum Research Publication 196, British Museum, 2014 K2
Reigate Town: history Treasure Trail, by Reigate and Redhill 150th Anniversary Celebrations Steering Group, 2013 P31 REI
Shakespeare’s Globe: the Guidebooks, by Elizabeth Gurr, Spinney Publications, 1996 P31 SOU
The English Landscape Garden, by Miles Hadfield, Shire Publications, 1977 X36
The Archaeological Journal, volume 170, 2013
Berkshire Archaeological Journal, Volume 81, 2013
City Commons e-news, issue 26, May 2014
Cobham Conservation & Heritage Trust Newsletter, issue 34, May 2014
Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society Newsletter, number 40, May 2014
Current World Archaeology, issue 65, June/July 2014
Egham-by-Runnymede Historical Society Newsletter, number 498, April 2013
English Heritage Conservation Bulletin, issue 72, summer 2014
Gatton Park Newsletter, issue 18 spring 2014
Holmesdale Natural History Club Bulletin, number 108, May 2014
Industrial Archaeology News, number 169, summer 2014
Kingston upon Thames Archaeological Society Newsletter, number 130, May 2014
Leatherhead & District Local History Society Newsletter, May 2014
The Local Historian, volume 44 number 2, April 2014
Local History News, number 111 spring 2014
Send & Ripley History Society Journal, volume 7 number 236, May 2014
Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, volume 131, 2013
Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, General Index to volumes 121 – 130 (2003 – 2012)
Transactions of the Thoroton Society, Volume 117, 2013
West Surrey Family History Society Root and Branch, volume 41 number 1, June 2014
World Archaeology, volume 46 number 1, March 2104
World Archaeology, volume 46 number 2, June 2104
Worcestershire Recorder, edition 89, spring 2014