Items Acquired by the Library in March 2014

New Items
March 2014
(Classification in Bold at the end)
Landscapes through the lens: aerial photographs and historic environment, edited by David C. Cowley et al, Occasional Publication of the Aerial Archaeology Research Group No. 2, Oxbow Books, 2010 E3
Prehistoric, Roman and Saxon discoveries near Thorpe and Virginia Water, by Rebecca Lambert et al, SpoilHeap Occasional Paper 3, SpoilHeap Publications, 2013 F31 EG
Late Upper Palaeolithic/Early Mesolithic, Roman and Saxon Discoveries at Fetcham, near Leatherhead, by Tom Munnery, SpoilHeap Occasional Paper 4, SpoilHeap Publications, 2014 F31 FET
The Hope playhouse, animal baiting and later industrial activity at Bear Gardens on Bankside: excavations at Riverside House and New Globe Walk, Southwark, 1999-2000, by Anthony Mackinder et al, MOLA Archaeology Studies Series 25, Museum of London Archaeology, 2013 F31 SOU
New Bunhill Fields burial ground, Southwark: excavations at Globe Academy, 2008, by Adrian Miles with Brian Connell, MOLA Archaeology Studies Series 24, Museum of London Archaeology, 2012 F31 SOU
The frontiers of Imperial Rome, by David J. Breeze, Pen & Sword Military, 2011 K
The fall of the Western Roman Empire: an archaeological and historical perspective, by Neil Christie, Historical Endings Series, Bloomsbury Academic, 2011 K1
The City in the Roman West c. 250 BC – c. AD 250, by Ray Laurence, Simon Esmonde Cleary and Gareth Sears, Cambridge University Press, 2011 K1
Woden’s Warriors: warfare, beliefs, arms and armour in Northern Europe during the 6th and 7th centuries, by Paul Mortimer, Anglo-Saxon Books, 2011 L1
Sense of Place in Anglo-Saxon England, edited by Richard Jones and Sarah Semple, Shaun Tyas, 2012 L2
Perceptions of the Prehistoric in Anglo-Saxon England: religion, ritual, and rulership in the landscape, by Sarah Semple, Medieval History and Archaeology Oxford University Press, 2013 L2
English & Irish Delftware 1570-1840, by Aileen Dawson, The British Museum Press, 2010 S3
Addlestone Historical Society News, number 119, March 2014
Antiquity, volume 88 number 3389, March 2014
Around & About Horsley, number 224, spring 2014
Cambridge Archaeological Journal, volume 24 number 1, February 2014
City Commons e-news, issue 24, March 2014
Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society Newsletter, number 38, March 2014
Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society Newsletter, number 39, April 2014
Current Archaeology, issue 289, April 2014
Current Archaeology, issue 290, May 2014
Current World Archaeology, issue 64, April/May 2014
Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society Newsletter, number 75, spring 2014
Current Archaeology, issue 289, April 2014
Essex Archaeology and History Index (third series) volumes 31-40 2000-2009, 2013
Farnham & District Museum Society Journal, volume 17 number 1, March 2014
The Garden History Society News, number 93, spring 2014
Godalming Museum Newsletter, number 67, spring/summer 2014
Industrial Archaeology News, number 168, spring 2014
Kent Archaeological Review, number 194, spring 2013
Merton Historical Society Bulletin, number 189, March 2014
The Museum: Spelthorne Museum Newsletter, volume 14 number 2, spring 2014
Norfolk Archaeology, volume XLVI part IV, 2013
Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History, volume 43 part 1, 2013
Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History, Contents & Index for Volume XLII (2009-2012)
Send & Ripley History Society Journal, volume 7 number 235, March/April 2014
Southwark & Lambeth Archaeological Society Newsletter, number 136, April 2014
Suffolk Institute of Archaeology & History Newsletter, number 78, spring 2014
Surrey Industrial History Group Newsletter, number 198, March 2014
Sussex Past & Present, number 132, April 2014
Wealden Iron Research Group Newsletter, number 59, spring 2014
West Surrey Family History Society Root and Branch, volume 40 number 4, March 2014
Weybridge Society Newsletter, spring 2014
The Wimbledon Society Newsletter, March 2014
Woking History Society Newsletter, number 251, spring 2014
Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, volume 85, 2013