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June 2015

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The great archaeologists, editedby Brian Fagan,Thames & Hudson, 2014 E1

The Chiming of Crack’d bells: recent approaches to the study of artefacts in archaeology, editedby Paul Blinkhorn and Christopher Cumberpatch, BAR International Series 2677, Archaeopress, 2014 E5

The origin of Roman London, by Lacey M. Wallace,Cambridge Classical Studies, Cambridge University Press, 2014 F34

A manual for the identification of bird bones from archaeological sites, by Alan Cohen and Dale Serjeantson,Archetype Publications, revised edition 1996 D2

Roman and medieval revetments on the Thames waterfront: excavations at Riverbank House, City of London, 2006-9, by Anthony Mackinder, MOLA Archaeology Studies Series 33, Museum of London Archaeology, 2015 F34

Objects and identities: Roman Britain and the north-western provinces, by Hells Eckardt,Oxford University Press, 2014 K1

The archaeology of Roman Britain: biography and identity, by Adam Rogers,Routledge Studies in Archaeology 15, Routledge, 2015 K2

Northwest Europe in the early middle ages, c. AD 600-1150: a comparative archaeology, by Christopher Loveluck,Cambridge University Press, 2013 L1

Urban-rural connections in Domesday Book and late Anglo-Saxon royal administration, by Jeremy Haslam, BAR British Series 571, Archaeopress, 2012 L2

North Downs landscapes: exploring the glorious English countryside on London’s doorstep, by Doug Kennedy,Windgather Press, 2015 P3


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Coulsdon Commons Newsletter, issue 39, June 2015

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Garden History, volume 43 number 1, 2015

The Garden History Society News, number 95a, summer 2015

The Garden History Society at 50, summer 2015

GLIAS: Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, number 278, June 2015

Historic England Newsletter, June 2015

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