Items Acquired by the Library in June 2014

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June 2014

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Caring for digital data in archaeology: a guide to good practice, by the Archaeological Data Service and Digital Antiquity, Archaeological Data Service and Digital Antiquity Guides to Good Practice, Oxbow Books, 2013 E6
Environmental Archaeology, by Elizabeth J. Reitz and Myra Shackley, Manuals in Archaeological Method, Theory and Technique, Springer, 2012 E7
Excavations at the Royal Manor House of Guildford Park 1972-75, by Alan Crocker, 2014 F31 GFD
Star Carr: life in Britain after the Ice Age, by Nicky Milner et al, Archaeology for All, Council for British Archaeology, 2013 F7
Roman buckles & Military Fittings, by Andrew Appels & Stuart Laycock, Greenlight Publishing, 2007 K2
The Roman Invasion of Britain: archaeology versus history, by Birgitta Hoffmann, Pen & Sword Archaeology, 2013 K2
Water and Roman Urbanism: towns, waterscapes, land transformation and experience in Roman Britain, by Adam Rogers, Mnemosyne Supplements: History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity, Brill, 2013 K2
Anglo-Saxon England 41, edited by Malcolm Godden et al, Cambridge University Press, 2013 L2
British Artefacts: volume 1 – Early Anglo-Saxon (AD 450-650), by Brett Hammond, Greenlight Publishing, 2009 L2
British Artefacts: volume 2 – Middle Saxon & Viking (AD 650-950), by Brett Hammond, Greenlight Publishing, 2010 L2
Tradition and transformation in Anglo-Saxon England: archaeology, common rights and landscape, by Susan Oosthuizen, Debates in Archaeology, Bloomsbury Academic, 2013 L2
The Archaeology of the Second World War: uncovering Britain’s wartime heritage, by Gabriel Moshenska, Pen & Sword Archaeology, 2012 MB95
Medieval English Groats, by Ivan Buck, Greenlight Publishing, 2000 N5
Ancient British Coins, by Elizabeth Cottam et al, Chris Rudd, 2010 N5
A history of Roman coinage in Britain, by Sam Moorhead, Greenlight Publishing, [2013] N5


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