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July 2015

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Material evidence: learning from archaeological practice, edited by Robert Chapman and Alison Wylie,Routledge, 2015 E

Fractures in Knapping, by Are Tsirk,Archaeopress, 2014 E5

Skyscapes: the role and importance of the sky in archaeology, editedby Fabio Silva and Nicholas Campion,Oxbow Books, 2015 E7

Archaeology of salt: approaching an invisible past, editedby Robin Brigand and Olivier Weller,Sidestone Press, 2015 G

TRAC 2014: proceedings of the twenty-fourth annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference which took place at The University of Reading 27-30 March 2014, edited by Tom Brindle et al, Oxbow Books,2015 K

The towns of Roman Britain: the contribution of commercial archaeology since 1990, editedby Michael Fulford and Neil Holbrook, Britannia Monograph Series No.27, The Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, 2015 K2

Landscapes of pilgrimage in medieval Britain, by Martin Locker,Archaeopress, 2015 MB51

Charters of Chertsey Abbey, editedby S. E. Kelly, Anglo-Saxon Charters 19, Oxford University Press, 2015 P31 CHY


Grey Literature

Archaeological Services & Consultancy Ltd

Archaeological desk-based assessment: 26 High Road, Byfleet, Surrey on behalf of West Estates Ltd, by David Fell, February 2005 F31 BY

Archaeology South-East

An archaeological watching brief at Holy Trinity Church, Guildford, Surrey: interim statement, by Kathryn Grant, September 2010 F31 GFD

An archaeological evaluation at Wapshott Estate, Staines, Surrey, by Dylan Hopkinson, March 2009 F31 STI

A summary report on an archaeological watching brief at Titan Sheds, Blacksmith Lane, Chilworth, Surrey, by Jim Stevenson, October 2009 F31 STM

CgMs Consulting

Archaeological desk based assessment: 18-28 Oyster Lane, Byfleet, Surrey, by Duncan Hawkins and Richard Meager, April 2005 F31 BY

An archaeological evaluation: Freemantle’s School, Pyrcroft Road, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 9ER, by Jeff Perry, August 2008 F31 CHY

CKC Archaeology

Colley Hill: proposed Area of Historic Landscape Value (AHLV): supplementary information requested by the Planning Department, Surrey County Council, by Christopher K. Currie, March 1996 F31 REI

Foundations Archaeology

Land at Walton Bridge, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey: Historic Building Recording, by Diana King, March 2012 F31 WAL.T

Museum of London Archaeology

Loseley Park AONB Scheme, County of Surrey: a report on the watching brief, by Gabby Rapson, 2009 F31 ART

Oxford Archaeology

All Saints Church, Laleham, Surrey: archaeological evaluation report, by Helen Webb, October 2008 F31 LAL

Pre-Construct Archaeology

An archaeological evaluation at 18-28 Oyster Lane, Byfleet, Surrey, KT14, by Neil Hawkins, May 2006 F31 BY

Alderbrook House, Smithwood Common, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8QU: an archaeological evaluation, by Stuart Watson, July 2012 F31 CRA

An archaeological evaluation at Ewell Castle School, Church Street, Ewell, Surrey KT17 2AW, by Stuart Holden, July 2009 F31 EW

An archaeological investigation at St. Johns Lodge, St. Johns Hill Road, Woking, Surrey, by Shane Maher, December 2005 F31 WOK

SLR Consulting Limited

Trumps Farm, Chertsey Surrey, Anaerobic Digestion Facility: archaeological site investigation report, by Gavin Kinsley and Helen Smart, September 2012 F31 CHY

Surrey County Archaeological Unit

Re-development of barns at Chapel Farm, Chapel Lane, Westhumble, Dorking, Surrey, by Nowal Shaikhley, October 2008 F31 DOR

A preliminary archaeological assessment of the proposed development of land at 139-143, High Street, Godalming, Surrey incorporating proposed archaeological scheme of works, by Nowal Shaikhley, September 2010 F31 GOD

A preliminary archaeological assessment of the proposed redevelopment of No 3 the Shambles and land to the rear of 1-5 Chapel Street, Guildford, by Jane Robertson, August 2009 F31 GFD

A preliminary archaeological assessment of the proposed redevelopment at Coombe Cottage, Grayswood Road, Haslemere, by Jane Robertson, August 2010 F31 HSL

An archaeological evaluation of land adjacent to Epsom Road, Merrow, Guildford, Surrey, on the site of phase 1 of the proposed Merrow golf course, by Jane Robertson, February 2008 F31 ME

Thames Valley Archaeological Services

14-18 Lower Street, Haslemere, Surrey: an archaeological desk-based assessment for Panorama Property Developments Ltd, by Heather Hopkins, October 2007 F31 HSL

Waterman Energy, Environment & Design Limited

Kilmore House and Lodge, Prior Road, Camberley: building recording survey, by Tom Davies, March 2010 F31 CAM


Agricultural History Review, volume 63 part I, 2015

Ashtead Common Newsletter, issue 40, July 2015

The Bramley Record, number 41, 2015

Coulsdon Commons Newsletter, issue 40, July 2015

Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society Newsletter, number 79, summer 2015

Current Archaeology, issue 305, August 2015

Current World Archaeology, issue 72, August/September 2015

Devon Archaeological Society Proceedings, number 72, 2014

Domestic Buildings Research Group Surrey News, number 130, June 2015

Egham-by-Runnymede Historical Society Newsletter, number 510, June 2015

GLIAS: Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, number 279, August 2015

Industrial Archaeology Review, volume 37 number 1, May 2015

Later Prehistoric Finds Group Newsletter, number 5, July 2015

Local History Records: the Journal of the Bourne Society, volume 84, August 2015

The Montgomeryshire Collections, volume 103, 2015

Post-Medieval Archaeology, volume 49 part 1, 2015

Surrey Hills e-newsletter, July 2015

Surrey Hills e-newsletter, July (2) 2015

Sussex Archaeological Society’s e-newsletter, July, 2015

Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, number 167, July 2015

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West Wickham Commons Newsletter, issue 40, July 2015