Items Acquired by the Library in February 2019


New Items Acquired by the Library

February 2019

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Gill Mill: later prehistoric landscape and a Roman nucleated settlement in the lower Windrush valley at Gill Mill, near Witney, Oxfordshire, by Paul Booth and Andrew Simmonds, Thames Valley landscape monographs No. 42, Oxford Archaeology, 2018 F5


Making a mark: image and process in Neolithic Britain and Ireland, by Andrew Meirion Jones and Marta Díaz-Guardamino, Oxbow Books, 2019 H2


Early medieval Britain: the rebirth of towns in the post-Roman west, by Pam J. Crabtree, Case studies in early societies, Cambridge University Press, 2018 MB1




Ashtead Common Newsletter, February 2019


British Agricultural History Society Newsletter, February 2019


British Archaeology, number 165, March/April 2019


Cobham Conservation & Heritage Trust Newsletter, issue 53, February 2019


Coulsdon Commons Newsletter, February 2019


Council for British Archaeology Newsletter, issue 45, February to May 2019


Council for British Archaeology South East Newsletter, issue 51, spring 2019


Current Archaeology, issue 348, March 2019


Derbyshire Archaeological Journal, volume 138, 2018


Egham-by-Runnymede Historical Society Newsletter, number 545, January 2019


Epsom & Ewell History & Archaeology Society Newsletter, issue 1, February 2019


Historic England Newsletter, February 2019


Journal of the British Archaeological Association, volume 171, 2018


Kenley Common Newsletter, February 2019


Kingston History Centre Newsletter, winter 2019


Kingston Museum & Kingston History Centre What’s on, February 2019


Later Prehistoric Finds Group Newsletter, number 12, winter 2018/2019


The Local Historian, volume 49 number 1, January 2019


Local History News, number 130, winter 2019


Local History Records: The Journal of the Bourne Society, volume 97, spring 2019


Oxford Journal of Archaeology, volume 38 number 1, February 2019


Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society, volume 139, 2018


Rural History Today, issue 36, February 2019


Send & Ripley History Society Journal, number 264, January 2019


Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society e-bulletin, February 2019


Southwark & Lambeth Archaeological Society Newsletter, number 150, February 2019


Subterranea: The magazine for Subterranea Britannica, issue 49, December 2018


Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin, number 472, February 2019


Surrey Archaeological Sustainable Impact e-news, February 2019


Surrey Industrial History Group Newsletter, number 221, February 2019


The Thoroton Society Quarterly Newsletter, issue 95, spring 2019


Walton on the Hill & District Local History Society Newsletter, number 91, February 2019


West Wickham Commons Newsletter, February 2019