Items Acquired by the Library in August 2018

New Items Acquired by the Library

August 2018

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Quantitative methods in archaeology using R, by David L. Carlson, Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology, Cambridge University Press, 2017 E5


Creating society and constructing the past: social change in the Thames Valley from the late Bronze Age to the Middle Iron Age, by Alex Davies, BAR British Series 637, BAR Publishing, 2018 F3


Late Iron Age Calleva: the pre-conquest occupation at Silchester Insula IX, by Michael Fulford et al, Britannia Monograph Series No. 32, Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, 2018 F35


From Roman civitas to Anglo-Saxon shire: topographical studies on the formation of Wessex, by Bruce Eagles, Oxbow, 2018 F4


Iron Age and Roman – era vehicle Terrets (western and central Britain), by Anna Lewis, Later Prehistoric Finds Group Object Datasheet No. 6, Later Prehistoric Finds Group, 2018 I2


New visions of the countryside of Roman Britain volume 3: life and death in the countryside of Roman Britain, by Alexander Smith et al, Britannia Monograph Series No. 31, Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, 2018 K2


English hammered coinage: volume 1 Early Anglo-Saxon to Henry III c. 600 - 1272, by Jeffrey J. North, Spink & Son, 1994 N5


English hammered coinage: volume 2 Edward I to Charles II 1272 - 1662, by Jeffrey J. North, Spink & Son, 1991 N5


Coin hoards and hoarding in Roman Britain AD 43 – c.498, by Roger Bland, The British Numismatic Society Special Publication No. 13, Spink & Son, 2018 N5


The Abramson Collection; Coins of Early Anglo-Saxon England and the North Sea Area, by Tony Abramson, Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles 69, Spink & Son, 2018 N5


A history of the Parish Church of St James, Elstead, by Alan Bott, Alan Bott, 2018 P31 EL




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Kingston Museum & Kingston History Centre Quarterly Newsletter, Summer 2018


Kingston upon Thames Archaeological Society Newsletter, number 147, August 2018


The Montgomeryshire Collections, volume 106, 2018


Open Spaces Society E-zine, summer 2018


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Post-Medieval Archaeology, volume 52 part 1, 2018


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