Items Acquired by the Library in August 2017

                                                  New Items Acquired by the Library
                                                                     August 2017
                                                  (Classification in Bold at the end)


Recent advances in laser ablation ICP-MS for archaeology, edited by Laure Dussubieux et al, Natural Science in Archaeology, Springer Nature, 2016 E5

Cremation and the archaeology of death, edited by Jessica I. Cerezo-Román et al,  Oxford University Press, 2017 E8

50 Finds from Surrey: objects from the Portable Antiquities Scheme, by David Wynn Williams, Amberley Publishing, 2016 F31

Queen Mary’s Hospital Carshalton: an Iron Age and early Romano-British Settlement, by Andrew B. Powell, Wessex Archaeology Occasional Paper, Wessex Archaeology, 2017 F31 CAR

Charterhouse Square: Black Death cemetery and Carthusian monastery, meat market and suburb, by Sam Pfizenmaier, Crossrail Archaeology Series 7,  Museum of London Archaeology, 2016 F34

The people of early Winchester, edited by Caroline M. Stuckert, Winchester Studies 9.i, Oxford University Press, 2017 F35

Romano-British settlement and cemeteries at Mucking excavations by Margaret and Tom Jones, 1965-1978, by Sam Lucy et al, Cambridge Archaeological Unit Landscape Archives Series: Historiography and Fieldwork No. 3/ Mucking 5, Oxbow Books, 2016 F6

The Neolithic of Europe: papers in honour of Alasdair Whittle, edited by Penny Bickle et al, Oxbow Books, 2017 H1

Dress and identity in Iron Age Britain: a study of glass beads and other objects of personal adornment, by Elizabeth M. Foulds, Archaeopress Publishing, 2017 J2

Controlling colours: function and meaning of colour in the British Iron Age, by Marlies Hoecherl, Archaeopress Publishing, 2015 J2

A history of the churches of Puttenham, Seale, Wanborough & The Sands, by Alan Bott, Alan Bott, 2016 P31 PUT

The changing face of London: historic buildings and the Crossrail route, by Richard Brown et al, Crossrail Archaeology Series 3, Oxford Archaeology, 2016 P34

New frontier: the origins and development of west London, by Richard Brown et al, Crossrail Archaeology Series 5, Oxford Archaeology 2016 P34

A guide to the industrial heritage of Northamptonshire, by the Northamptonshire Industrial Archaeology Group, John Stanley Publishers, 2nd edition,  2011 R5

The Thames Iron Works 1837-1912: a major shipbuilder on the Thames, by Daniel Harrison, Crossrail Archaeology Series 2, Museum of London Archaeology, 2015 V2

From Brunel to British Rail: the railway heritage of the Crossrail route, by Andy Shelley, Crossrail Archaeology Series 4, Oxford Archaeology, 2016 V4

Castle builders: approaches to castle design and construction in the middle Ages, by Malcolm Hislop, Pen & Sword Archaeology, 2016 X4


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