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New Items
August 2014
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3D recording and modelling in archaeology and cultural heritage: theory and best practices, edited by Fabio Remondino and Stefano Campana, BAR International Series 2598, Archaeopress, 2014 E3
Computational approaches to archaeological spaces, edited by Andrew Bevan and Mark Lake, Publications of the Institute of Archaeology, University College London 60, Left Coast Press, 2013 E5
Accidental and experimental archaeometallurgy, edited by David Dungworth and Roger C. P. Doonan, Historical Metallurgy Society occasional publication no 7, Historical Metallurgy Society, 2013 E7
Roman burials in Southwark: excavations at 52-56 Lant Street and 56 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1, by Victoria Ridgeway et al, Pre-Construct Archaeology Limited Monograph No. 17, Pre-Construct Archaeology Limited, 2013 F31 SOU
Chilworth Proposed Area of Special Historic Landscape Value: volume 1 text, ACTA, 2009 F31 STM
Chilworth Proposed Area of Special Historic Landscape Value: volume 2 illustrations, ACTA, 2009 F31 STM
The masonry defences of Roman Silchester (Calleva Atrebatum), North Hampshire: building materials, building styles and the building programme, by J. R. L. Allen, BAR British Series 580, Archaeopress, 2013 F35
Stonehenge Complete, by Christopher Chippindale, Thames & Hudson, 4th edition, 2012 F42
The lost islands of Somerset: exploring a unique wetland heritage, by Richard Brunning, Somerset Heritage Service, 2013 F43
Report on the excavation of a Romano-British site in Wortley, South Gloucestershire, by David Wilson et al, BAR British Series 591, Archaeopress, 2014 F5
The Roman roadside settlement and multi-period ritual complex at Nettleton and Rothwell, Lincolnshire: the Central Lincolnshire Wolds Research Project volume 1, by Steven Willis, Pre-Construct Archaeology Limited, 2013 F6
A Roman villa at the edge of Empire: excavations at Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-on-Tees, 2003-04, edited by Steven Willis and Peter Carne, CBA Research Report 170,Council for British Archaeology, 2013 F7
Enclosing the Neolithic: recent studies in Britain and Europe, edited by Alex Gibson, BAR International Series 2440, Archaeopress, 2012 H1
Pagan Britain, by Ronald Hutton, Yale University Press, 2013 H2
Female burial traditions of the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age: a pilot study based on modern excavations, by Alice Rogers, BAR British Series 581, Archaeopress, 2013 H2
Coins and Samian Ware: a study of the dating of coin-loss and the deposition of Samian ware (terra Sigillata), with a discussion of the decline of Samian ware manufacture in the NW provinces of the Roman Empire, late 2nd to mid 3rd centuries AD, by Anthony C. King, BAR International Series 2573, Archaeopress, 2013 K1
Life in Roman Britain, by Anthony Birley, English Life Series, B. T. Batsford, 3rd edition 1964 K2
The Ruin of Roman Britain: an archaeological perspective, by James Gerrard, Cambridge University Press, 2013 K2
Beyond the Burghal Hidage: Anglo-Saxon civil defence in the Viking Age, by John Baker and Stuart Brookes, History of Warfare volume 84, Brill, 2013 L2
Unearthing late medieval children: health, status and burial practice in Southern England, by Heidi Dawson, BAR British Series 593, Archaeopress, 2014 MA2
Pottery and social life in Medieval England: towards a relational approach, by Ben Jervis, Oxbow Books, 2014 MA2
In the company of preachers: the archaeology of medieval friaries in England and Wales, by Deirdre O’ Sullivan, Leicester Archaeology Monograph 23, University of Leicester, 2013 MA2
Worcester Park, Old Malden & North Cheam: history at our feet, by David Rymill, Buckwheat Press, 2012 P31 CUD
The story of “Hook in Kingston”, by Marion C. Bone, The Parochial Church Council of St. Paul, Hook, 1989 P31 HOK
The influence of Merton Priory as revealed by the ‘Merton Priory Manuscripts’, by Richard Chellew, Merton Historical Society, 2014 P31 MRT
Arretine and Samian Pottery, by Catherine Johns, British Museum Publications Limited, 1977 S3
The secret history of the Roman roads of Britain, by M. C. Bishop, Pen & Sword Military, 2013 V3
Stairway to heaven: the functions of medieval upper spaces, by Toby Huitson, Oxbow Books, 2014 X5
Grey Literature
Excavations at 7 More Lane, Esher November, 2011, by Chris Hayward, 2014 F31 ESH
The Heygate Estate, London: historic building record February 2014, by Tim Murphy, Purcell, 2014 F31 SOU
Electronic Resources
Chilworth Proposed Area of Special Historic Landscape Value: volumes 1 and 2, ACTA, 2009 CD25
Chilworth Proposed Area of Special Historic Landscape Value: maps at the British Library, ACTA, 2009 CD26
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Durham Archaeological Journal, volume 17, 2003
Durham Archaeological Journal, volume 18, 2009
Durham Archaeological Journal, volume 19, 2014
Egham-by-Runnymede Historical Society Newsletter, number 499, May 2014
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