Items acquired by the library in April 2024

New Items Acquired by the Library April 2024

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The world of Stonehenge, by Duncan Garrow and Neil Wilkin, The British Museum, 2022 F42

A late Iron Age and Roman landscape at Cressing Temple: the Essex County Council filed archaeology school excavations in Dovehouse Field 1998-2005 by Trevor Ennis and Mark Atkinson, Essex Society for Archaeology and History, 2024 F6

Ancient DNA and the European Neolithic: relations and descent, edited by Alasdair Whittle, Joshua Pollard & Susan Greaney, Oxbow, 2023 H1

Monumental times: pasts, presents, and futures in the Prehistoric construction projects of northern and western Europe, by Richard Bradley, Oxbow, 2024 H1

Medieval merchant: John Hende of London and Essex, by Christopher Starr, Essex Society for Archaeology and History, 2023 MB1

Identifying Roman coins: a practical guide to the identification of site finds in Britain by Richard Reece and Simon James, Selby, 1994 N5

The lost palaces of Henry VIII edited by Deborah Roil, Tudor Places Special Issue 1, 2023 X1


Grey Literature

Roman relief-patterned flue-tiles found in Surrey, and others of this type found in Southern England, AWG Lowther, Research Papers of the Surrey Archaeological Society, 1948 K2


Archaeologia Aeliana, sixth series volume 2, 2023

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British Archaeology, issue 194, January/February 2024

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Historic England Newsletter, March 2024

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Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society e-bulletin, May 2024

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Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, volume 141, 2023