Crondall in the time of Elizabeth I - A study based mainly on the Probate Inventories

A study based mainly on the Probate Inventories
Joan Harries

In this 1986 publication, the author has made a transcription of all the extant Probate Inventories for the parish of Crondall, Hampshire from the earliest (1548) until the end of the reign of Elizabeth I (1603). (Photocopies of the transcripts are available for reference at the Farnham Museum and the Hampshire Record Office, Winchester).

This paper is based on an analysis of these inventories together with material derived from other contemporary documents, such as manorial records.
The first part presents a general picture under the headings Population, Wealth, Systems of Tenure, the Village Community, Crafts and Trades, etc., while the second part analyses the inventories in detail, describing the people’s houses, their furniture and utensils and their farm produce, livestock and tools.

These are followed by a list of sources and a glossary and index.

Also, a 2nd document is listed, being a copy of  the Farnham & District Museum Society, Quarterly newsletter, VOL. 10 NO. 12, December 1995, entitled

"Crondall Probate Inventories 1604-1651"

which is described as "a summary of the contents of the inventories, with a chronological table and a glossary of words which did not occur in Crondall 1" (the 1986 document above ).