Pre Construct Archaeology

Land to the north of Shepperton Studios (Thames Water Land), Land to the north of Shepperton Studios (Thames Water Land), Shepperton

Limited evaluation by R Humphrey of PCA in order to inform decisions about use and management of the site revealed linear features likely to be the remnants of post-medieval ploughing, and recovered residual burnt and worked prehistoric flints and medieval and post-medieval ceramic building material and pottery.

Land to the south of Shepperton Studios (south-east corner of the Backlot), Shepperton

Evaluation by R Humphrey of PCA revealed circular pit type incisions and irregularly shaped cuts which appear more likely to be of natural origin, but several pieces of burnt and struck flint and pottery were recovered from the natural gravel and alluvial horizons and suggest occupation by prehistoric communities within the area.

Land at Park Road, Stanwell

Evaluation by R Humphrey of PCA revealed a posthole, suggested to be post-medieval, and a shallow ditch. The ditch is considered to have existed as a property or field boundary during the 18th to 20th centuries as it is visible on historic maps, but finds recovered from could indicate that it was older, and further work (a watching brief) is proposed.

St Michael and All Angels’ Church, Old London Road, Mickleham

Ground radar survey undertaken Cobham Technical Services to inform decisions on where to re-inter the post-medieval human skeletal remains recovered during the investigation carried out in advance of the construction of the new vestry by PCA in 2009. Six areas within the churchyard were targeted, with five of these producing evidence of anomalies suggestive of either burials or a drain. The results of the survey indicated one area, close to the Lych gate, was archaeologically empty.

4-8 Cheam Road, Ewell

Monitoring by A Haslam of PCA during demolition works and the removal of intrusive features, including a number of petrol tanks, revealed evidence of extensive modern made ground and no finds or features of archaeological interest. Police subsequently informed of skeletal remains and PCA did further observation.


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