Godstone to Tonbridge

Geophysical survey by S Haddrell of Stratascan along the 28km route of a proposed replacement pipeline between Godstone and Tonbridge in Kent. Magnetic susceptibility was undertaken along the route, with areas of potential interest identified targeted with a detailed gradiometer survey. Positive anomalies, possibly of archaeological origin, within the Surrey section included linear features that may be associated with a post-medieval trackway. The anomalies were targeted during a subsequent evaluation by D Britchfield of WA.

Johnson and Clark, Staines

Excavation and watching brief by K Crouch for Staines Archaeological Unit and DOE, in advance of redevelopment, located RB levels, in particular part of the massive flint and mortar foundation of a building of the 1st century AD, the rubble from whose demolition in the 4th century filled a nearby well. Evidence for buildings from the 12th century was also recorded. (London Archaeol 3, 389)


Over 70 sherds of Beaker pottery, including both fine and coarse wares, recovered by M Russell. They probably represent occupation activity. (179)

Bagshot Park

Recording by T C Welsh of rectangular dry-moated enclosure and annexe, possibly an early site of Bagshot Manor. The main enclosure is 73 x 38m internally, with banks 4 to 7m broad and ditches approx 6m wide; the annexe is 83 x 25m and mutilated. (184)

Kempton Park

Mammoth teeth and tusk and bones of woolly rhinoceros found in gravel extraction and reported by J J Chapman. Also found was a nearly complete pot, 3rd/4th century AD, presumably originally associated with a burial.


Animal bones, including several of horse and cattle, and two fragments of 1st century AD pottery from a buried watercourse noted in gravel extraction and reported by J J Chapman. Map ref centered


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