L P Archaeology

Barnwood School, Guildford

Watching brief by M Nicholls of LPA, undertaken during the redevelopment of a site adjacent to a Roman villa excavated in previous years. Little of archaeological interest was revealed, with evidence for a palaeochannel suggesting that this may have formed a boundary to the focus of settlement activity in the past. Roman building material was found scattered sparsely across the site.

Former Barnwood School, Guildford

Evaluation by D Hart of LPA prior to residential redevelopment revealed a palaeochannel and two potential ditches, together with a relative abundance of Roman finds and evidence of post-medieval agricultural activity. The site is adjacent to a previously excavated Roman rural site and close to the villa building on Broadstreet Common. However, the evidence suggests that this area was largely beyond the curtilage of the main settlement.

A3 Thursley junction

Topographic survey and watching brief by M Nicholls and M Williams of LPA prior to and during the construction of a slip road and bridge over the A3, and the erection of temporary buildings. The topographic survey recorded the remains of probable post-medieval ironstone quarries. No finds were recovered from these features during the subsequent watching brief.
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