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Newark Priory

Small-scale excavations were undertaken by D Batchelor for HBMC to check for plough damage. Priory remains located in 1928/9 were rediscovered and the depth of ploughing established. (242; see SyAC 80, 231-2)

9 Abbey Gardens, Chertsey

Trial excavations by I Stuart for HBMC in advance of scheduled monument consent on part of the site of the Chertsey Abbey complex. Four trenches were opened, which revealed that the Black Ditch in this area had been backfilled about 30 years ago with redeposited clay, river gravels, building rubble, modern brick and tyre inner tubes.

Nonsuch Park, Ewell

Archaeological Survey of Nonsuch Park, carried out by the RCHME in three phases between 1993 and 1995. The first phase of the project in October 1993 comprised an aerial photographic transcription of the whole Park at 1:2500 scale; the second, an earthwork survey in April 1994 at 1:10000 scale of the site of the Henrician Palace, its garden and the outlying Banqueting House; and the third, in February 1995, a survey of the remainder of the present-day Park at 1:2500.

Green Lane, Wanborough

Geophysical surveys were undertaken by EH’s Ancient Monuments Laboratory, to assess the extent of features associated with the Roman temple. The general magnetic response was quiet, suggesting little occupation had occurred in this area; the resistivity survey recorded a number of anomalies, including a possible trackway and rubble spreads.

44 High Street, Bagshot

Dendrochronological dating by M Bridge of EH to assist the ongoing work on the building and contribute to a reconsideration of its listed grading. The building contains a room with post-Dissolution paintings (317, 321), and a single timber in that room gave a likely felling period of AD1485--1517, slightly earlier than had been previously assumed for the wall on stylistic grounds.
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