CgMs Consulting

11-13 Forge Lane, Sunbury

Inspection of footing trenches during construction of terraced houses by D Hawkins of CgMs Consulting, for Mansard Country Homes Ltd, revealed a thick deposit of agricultural or horticultural soil over the natural gravel. Finds from the site included butchered animal bones mixed with clay pipe fragments and late 19th and early 20th century pottery and bottle glass fragments.

1 Tannery Cottages, Gomshall

Report by A Harris of CgMs documenting analysis of the timber-framed building during alteration, determined that it was formerly an open hall house of probable 15th century date. The building recording followed on from evaluation of the tannery site by CgMs in 1998, and was the final stage of the archaeological work in relation to its redevelopment.

Government Offices Building (former), Kingston Bypass, Hinchley Wood

Assessment by J Lowe of CgMs principally to establish the validity of claims for buried Second World War bunkers, thought to be a command centre, and comprising a series of rooms, possibly oak panelled and retaining furniture, fixtures and fittings. Sources indicated that the original development, dating from 1941, had included the structures, but the fieldwork aspect of the Assessment (comprising an on-site walkover and the excavation of a number of trenches) did not reveal any remains of the bunkers.

Old Town Hall, High Street, Reigate

Historic building recording and watching brief by P Copeland and I Froneman of CgMs prior to and during conversion works. The Town Hall is thought to have been constructed in 1708 on the site of an earlier chapel, although no evidence for this structure now visibly survives. Subsequent alterations to the interior have obscured much of the original fabric, little of which was revealed during the refurbishment. A written, drawn and photographic record of the structure was compiled, together with further observations made during alterations.


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