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Trumps Farm, Chertsey

Evaluation by D and G Trimble of APS. A ditch was revealed that contained a significant quantity of Middle-Late Iron Age pottery. Further features found included additional ditches and a pit, all of which contained burnt flint and evidence for ironworking in the form of furnace lining, slag and hammerscale - both flake and spheroidal. The results are highly suggestive of an Iron Age domestic settlement site with associated metalworking being present in the vicinity, which, if confirmed by more extensive investigations, could potentially be of regional significance.

Trumps Farm, Kitsmead Lane, Longcross, Chertsey

Evaluation by G Trimble of APS (Archaeological Project Services) revealed pits and ditches indicating the presence of an Iron Age domestic settlement within the north-eastern part of the site with the presence of hammerscale in one of the pits providing evidence of ironworking. A subsequent strip, map and record of the area revealed a total of 22 features of archaeological interest. Two main phases of activity were identified encompassing the Early/Middle Iron Age and, to a lesser extent, the 10th–12th centuries.
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