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New Library Open Day at the Abinger Research Centre


The society librarian will be holding an Open Day at the new premises for members to view the new arrangements and familiarise themselves with the location. Parking is limited around the village but public transport is available between Redhill and Guildford. Refreshments will be available and the Abinger tea rooms will be open. Please ring the office on 01483 532454 or the research centre at 01306 731275 to confirm attendance.

Items Acquired by the Library in December 2016


                              New Items Acquired by the Library
                                        December 2016
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Antiquity, volume 90 number 354, December 2016

Around & About Horsley, number 235, winter 2016

Ashtead Common Newsletter, December 2016

Britannia, volume 47, 2016

Items Acquired by the Library in July 2016

New Items

July 2016

(Classification in Bold at the end)



Archaeology: theories, methods and practice, by Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn, Thames & Hudson, 7th edition, 2016 E
Rescue Archaeology: foundations for the future, edited by Paul Everill and Pamela Irving, RESCUE, 2015 E
Archaeological resource management: an international perspective, by John Carman, Cambridge University Press, 2015 E2
An early Roman fort a

Items Acquired by the Library in April 2016

New Items

April 2016

(Classification in Bold at the end)



Conservation area designation, appraisal and management, by Historic England, Historic England Advice Note 1, Historic England, 2016 C
A handbook of geoarchaeological approaches for investigating landscapes and settlement sites, by Charles French, Studying Scientific Archaeology 1, Oxbow Books, 2015 D5
Building the future, transforming our past: celebrating development-le


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