Land at Wick Green, Englefield Green

Evaluation by H Nicholls of ASE recorded a large ditch, probably a post-medieval field boundary, in the south of the site, while a series of shallow gullies in the north of the site were interpreted as plantings rows or irrigation channels. One was dated as 18th to mid-19th century, with a small assemblage of finds of the same date range recovered from the topsoil.

Trumps Farm, Kitsmead Lane, Longcross, Chertsey

Evaluation by G Trimble of APS (Archaeological Project Services) revealed pits and ditches indicating the presence of an Iron Age domestic settlement within the north-eastern part of the site with the presence of hammerscale in one of the pits providing evidence of ironworking. A subsequent strip, map and record of the area revealed a total of 22 features of archaeological interest. Two main phases of activity were identified encompassing the Early/Middle Iron Age and, to a lesser extent, the 10th–12th centuries.


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