Aspects of Archaeology and History in Surrey

Surrey is home to more than just garden designers, show business personalities and (rather good) cricketers as this volume, devoted to the county's archaeology and history, amply demonstrates. Published to coincide with the sesquicentenary of the Surrey Archaeological Society, it gathers together a number of papers read at a conference held at the University of Surrey in June 2001. In practical terms it updates and expands the scope of the Society's 1987 volume Archaeology in Surrey to 1540.
Chapter Title Author Click to view
aspects00 Title Contents Introduction eds Jonathan Cotton, Glenys Crocker, Audrey Graham PDF icon aspects00.pdf
aspects01 1. Environmental history of Surrey N P Branch and C P Green PDF icon aspects01_1.pdf
aspects02 2. Surrey's early past : a survey of recent work Jonathan Cotton PDF icon aspects02_0.pdf
aspects03 3. Engraved sequences and the perception of prehistoric country in SE England David Field PDF icon aspects03.pdf
aspects04 4. Iron Age Surrey Rob Poulton PDF icon aspects04.pdf
aspects05 5. Surrey in the Roman period - a survey of recent discoveries David Bird PDF icon aspects05.pdf
aspects06 6. Roman religious sites in the landscape David Bird PDF icon aspects06.pdf
aspects07 7. Supra ge - the foundations of Surrey John Hines PDF icon aspects07.pdf
aspects08 8. Medieval settlement in the Blackheath Hundred Judie English and Dennis Turner PDF icon aspects08.pdf
aspects09 9. Surrey Historic Landscape Characterisation Project Nicola Bannister PDF icon aspects09.pdf