Early Medieval Surrey : Landholding , Church and Settlement before 1300

by John Blair - a Fellow of The Queen's College Oxford. This book was originally published in 1991 and is made available here by kind permission of the author.

This is a study of institutions and the economy in Surrey during the early and central Middle Ages. The many themes discussed here have seen much research in the last twenty years: the manorial structure, agrarian growth, field-systems, parish churches and the parochial system. But the more they are examined, the more the hidden problems emerge and the less adequate the old generali- zations seem. Only very detailed local studies such as this will tell us what was really happening. The author ensures that each institution is set against its historical context and aims to show how systems of lordship, tenure, agriculture, ecclesiastical jurisdiction and pastoral care changed together and affected each other. In so doing he provides much more than a local study, for these are the details that form the essential core of our under- standing of institutions and practices that still affect Britain today.

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EMedSry Intro Introduction John Blair PDF icon EMedSryIntro.pdf
EMedSry01 The Administrative and Manorial Framework John Blair PDF icon EMedSry01.pdf
EMedSry02 Land Exploitation and the Form of Settlement John Blair PDF icon EMedSry02.pdf
EMedSry03 Smallholdings in the Agrarian Landscape John Blair PDF icon EMedSry03.pdf
EMedSry04 The Anglo-Saxon Minster Churches and their fate John Blair PDF icon EMedSry04.pdf
EMedSry05 Local Churches : The Pattern and Chronology of Foundation John Blair PDF icon EMedSry05.pdf
EMedSry06 The Church in Rural Society : Endowment, Ownership and the Concept of the Parish John Blair PDF icon EMedSry06.pdf
EMedSry07 Conclusion, Bibliography; Notes and Index John Blair PDF icon EMedSryCon_Notes_Index.pdf