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ESHER: Origins and Development of a Surrey Village in Maps

Esher in MapsThis volume in the Society’s Villages Study Project offers a comprehensive assessment of Esher’s development from pre-history to the mid-19th century.  Settlement growth and land-use change across the whole parish is illustrated by a series of newly created place-name maps together with reproductions of original maps and plans. Researched and prepared by Jo Richards aided by the research group of Esher District Local History Society.
Size A4, 66 pages of which 25 in colour, 30 maps plus 17 tables and illustrations


Price: £10.00 (add £3.00 p+p).  This book is currently available from the author and Esher District Local History Society.   Enquiries sent to Surrey Archaeological Society will be forwarded.

Hidden Depths: an archaeological exploration of Surrey's past

Hidden DepthsThis exciting new book, lavishly illustrated in colour, presents an absorbing account of the story of Surrey from the formation of its landscape and the first human footsteps on its soil to the defences built during the Second World War and the coming of the motorways.

The book contains contain chapters on: Reconstructing the Past; Hearth and Home; Food and Farming; Power and Protection; Markets and Manufacturing; Religion and Ritual, and the Future of our Past. The book also includes a guide to Surrey's museums and a selection of sites of interest in the county.

The book is available directly from the Society.

184 pages, 250 x 240mm      Price: £2.50 (add £2.00 p&p)


A Medieval Royal Complex at Guildford: Excavations at the Castle and Palace

Guildford CastleThis is a detailed report by Rob Poulton on the 1990-4 excavations at the medieval royal castle and palace at Guildford, Surrey. It includes an account of all archaeological work there from 1887 to 2000 and a summary of its extensive documentary history. The 1990s work showed the small size of the original castle bailey, and revealed how its expansion caused an early 13th century tile kiln to be covered over and survive in an unusually complete state. The enlarged bailey provided accommodation for the royal household and family, and the buildings identified included a chamber built for Lord Edward in 1246. Small finds, pottery and building materials are described in detail; the animal and fish bones give evidence of high-status living, and a new picture of medieval deer hunting practices in England is presented. The entire story of the castle and palace from their origins until the present is set in its local and regional context.

Size A4, xiv + 155pp (plus index), 79 illustrations including 20 in colour.

Price: £5.00 (add £3.40 p&p)

Aspects of Archaeology and History in Surrey: towards a research framework for the county

AspectsThis volume has been published to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Society. It gathers together a number of papers presented at a conference held in June 2001. Topics covered include:

The environmental history of Surrey; Engraved sequences and the perception of prehistoric country; Roman religious sites in the landscape; Supre-ge - the foundations of Surrey; The Surrey Historic Landscape Characterisation Project; Vernacular architecture; The impact of royal landholdings 1509-1649; Iron production in Surrey; Second World War defences in Surrey.

Size A4; xi + 260 pages including both colour and monochrome illustrations. Price: £25 (add £4.70 p&p)

Ewell: a Surrey Village that Became a Town

EwellThis, the third publication resulting from the Society's Villages Project, records the growth and development of the village of Ewell in north-east Surrey. The information is presented through a series of maps from the medieval period through to the 19th century. This booklet is the result of research carried out by Charles Abdy assisted by members of Epsom & Ewell History & Archaeology Society.

Size A4; 47 pages including 19 maps.

Price: £3.00 (add £2.00 p&p)

Thorpe: a Surrey Village in Maps

ThorpeThis, the second publication resulting from the Society's Villages Project, records the growth and development of the village of Thorpe in north-west Surrey. The information is presented through a series of maps from the medieval period through to the 19th century. This booklet is the result of research carried out by members of the Egham-by-Runnymede Historical Society.

Size A4; 54 pages including 25 maps of which 6 are in colour.

Price: £3.00 (add £2.00 p&p)


Shere: a Surrey Village in Maps

ShereA fascinating new study of the village and its buildings through a series of maps of the village from the medieval period onwards. This is the first publication resulting from the Society's Villages Study Project and similar reports on other villages will follow in due course. This booklet is the result of research carried out by members of the Shere, Gomshall and Peaslake Local History Society.

Size A4; 48 pages including 12 maps of which 3 are in colour.

Price: £3.00 (add £2.00 p&p)

Gomshall , Peaslake and Ewhurst. Rural Villages from Royal Vill

On the growth in the Surrey Hills of the neighbouring settlements of Gomshall, Peaslake and Ewhurst, which were all part of the single maour of Gomeselle at the time of Domesday. Researched and prepared by members of Gomshall, Shere and Peaslake Local History Society and Ewhurst History Society.

Size A4; 71 pages including 15 maps of which 7 are in colour

Price: £5.00 (add £2.00 p&p)

The Royal Castle and Palace at Guildford by Rob Poulton

Guildford Palace bookletThis popular booklet presents in a very readable way the results of a four-year training and research excavation by the Society, which was highly successful in rediscovering the site of the lost palace and the layout of many of its buildings. Full colour illustrations include photographs of the excavation, standing buildings, maps, plans and reconstruction drawings. The booklet offers useful resource material for local history studies and for Key Stage 3 study of medieval realms.

Size A4; 16 pages with many illustrations.

Price £1.50 (inc p&p)



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